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What 2020 games can we look forward to?

| We have are popular examples like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077, but what else can we mark our calendars for?

I especially want to know what indie games we'll get too.

| N1RV Ann-A is coming out in 2020, right?

| >>f7985b

| N1RV Ann-A is going to be Cyberpunk GOTY and CP2077 will be a total disappointment. Save this post!

| >>615832 8.1 vs 9.4, 150k vs 40mil

| >>615862
Please enlighten me on the meaning behind these figures.

I require help to process the material you have planted here for us to witness.

If I may inquire that you elaborate a sufficiently detailed answer so as to clear up the obfuscation of the above-designated piece of data.

I would greatly appreciate such a display of kindness.

In hope that my message reaches you,

>>240440 .

| >>615869
Game rating, total cost to make.
Except N1RV-Ann A is going to be the one with the 9.4 score.

| >>615869 my aforementioned message was directed at bringing to your notice the disparity between the user scores of the latest big projects of the companies in question all the while also considering the colossal differences in sales figures, primarily indicating that CDPR, despite having a bigger audience, manages to maintain a higher user score thus being a direct antithesis to your projection of their future project

| Dear senders of >>615875 and
>>615876 ,

I am relieved to hear from you again, and I wonder no more the meaning of your initial post.

I pray with all my heart, that both mentioned digital art pieces grow up to be at least what you foretold of them... and why not better , if destiny desires so !

Please allow my poor uninformed self to be enlightened again, as we meet once more in future times.

May the light of your kindness ever shine upon my path,

>>240440 .

| The Pokemon sword and shield DLC is coming out this year. Also Persona 5 royal edition and Tales of Arise by Dec 2020.
To name a few I'm hopeful for lol Also Collar x Malice is releasing a switch port too and the last wave of DLC for FE:3 houses all in all just a lot of new content I can't wait to play lolool

Oh I can't forget pokemon mystery dungeon too!!

| animal crossing!!

| There are none. The only game I bought last year was noita, didn't play anything "new" at all during 2017-2018. Nothing on the market as it is right now catches my attention.
Don't know if that's me growing out of this shit or if the industry became really stale.

| Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here waiting for the Switch version of Indivisible.

Yeah, you're definitely just growing out of the industry. I definitely won't call last year's releases "stale".

| Nykra! Nykra is finally coming in 2020 and I'm fucking hyped for it. It's a Sci-fi indie game about existential dread and shit. The solo developer, Endesga, has been working on this project for around 8 years now and has done everything himself, and it looks and sounds like something that would take a 10+ person studio around the same amount of time. I've been following this project for years now, and it looks like it's gonna be quite the masterpiece.

| Will Coffee Talk be coming out in 2020? I thought I heard something about a 2020 release date. I'm hyped as heck!

| >>616138
Yes! In like two weeks, in fact! It releases January 29!


| Oh, ID changed. Oh well. I can't wait dudette. The demo was so much fun. I played through it a few times, just to experience it. I think the full game will be even better, and it's going to be super cool to see the full messages and storylines weaved into the game.

| It's moments like this that make me really appreciate this board. I hadn't heard of that game, but I'm looking forward to it now!

| Vampire the masquarade bloodlines 2. It will probably suck, but I'm still waiting

| >>616094
Looked it up, looks just like any other indieshit made in the last 5 years, plus these words the dev (and you) use to describe the game make it sound pretentious as fuck.
There's no way this was in development for 8 years, even for one person that's like a one year project, two if you're lazy ass.

| >>616191
Sure. I've read tons of story shit for it and seen lots of stuff that will be in the game, scenes from it and stuff that he's shared on Twitter and Discord over the last few years, and it looks fucking great.

He's only worked full time on it for a few years. 8 years was with the very early concept shit that was more or less completely scrapped. The developer has programmed fucking everything from the bottom though. His own engine and shit, so that takes a lot of time.

| >>616139
Oh damn, didn't realize it's coming out so soon. I'm not ready! But so excited, too!

| >>616209
It just so happens that I program for a living and I can assure you that writing an engine for 2d sprite-based game is not THAT time consuming. Unless it's not sprite-based, then I don't understand the choice of visual style.
I liked some ambient music that I heard in youtube videos, maybe I'll get/rip the soundtrack. Will also put the game on my radar but I don't expect much. If industry trends told me something it's that you shouldn't get excited for any product, ever.

| >>616235
He did write a computer system into the game, a learning AI for the companion robot and some shit like that. He's also self-taught and this is his first real project, so I'd say that's pretty damn impressive. Also, as I mentioned, he has made all the art, music, animations, sound effects etc. He has also made an entire functioning language from scratch, just for this game. When I say language I don't mean "X symbol = Y letter". It's an actual language. Shit takes time bro.

| >>616094
Not to be a debbie downer, but it looks like an Iconoclasts ripoff. What's so exciting about it?

| >>616242
I researched a little bit more and found that the game is actually being made with gamemaker studio 2, so he didn't write his own engine. Don't know where you got this info.

| Love how everyone just shat all over some shit indie project, keep doing God's work, everyone!

| >>616242
>He did write a computer system into the game, a learning AI for the companion robot and some shit like that.
>He has also made an entire functioning language from scratch, just for this game.
Sorry for the skepticism but this just sounds like a lot of marketing hype for what looks like an ordinary game.
I think he meant a spoken language, not a programming language.

| >>616277
He wrote his own engine inside of GMS. You obviously have done any research and don't know shit about the project.

These are things he has used for marketing hype. He barely talks about any of the shit he does.

The language I was talking about is a written and spoken language, yeah. Not a programming one.

I mean, I don't expect you g/u/rls to find it interesting or impressive, I'm just explaining why I think it is.

| >>616279
I didn't say anything about the languages.

These things you mentioned are actually somewhat believable, machine learning libraries exist, how well will they run on your average consumer pc is another topic, though. Or they could be toned down to very simple function so the amount of data to process isn't very large.
Fictional spoken languages have been done numerous times, too. See: game of thrones, lotr.

| >>616284
Well now you're just pretending to be retarded. Taking a complete engine and adding your bits on top of it don't make it
>programmed fucking everything from the bottom ... His own engine
Having a base, a very solid at that, isn't exactly "bottom".

Just come out already and say that you're the dev of this game, and that you came here, to snail-paced anonymous text board to shill your project.

| >>616287
Yeah, I'm retarded. You're delusional if you legit think I'm the dev though. I guess I'll take it as an honour to me and an insult to him.

| >>616289
"Learning AI" is the marketing name for every toy robot's one-note gimmick, and "an entire functioning language" that only needs to cover a few lines of dialogue in a videogame is a day's work.
If he doesn't talk about these groundbreaking things in depth, this dev's just a clever guy who learned how to viral marketing. Sadly it works.

You might be interested in CrossCode if you haven't played it.

| Synergia

| >>616293
He doesn't use the language for dialogue, not that I know of. Only for optional stuff. It's not some simple shit though, that's "this thing = this English thing". Like, it's called Ptaloth. I don't know how much he's talked about it outside of the Discord server, but it's legit. It's kind of like an Asian sign based language, but not. It's really interesting. If he has talked about it in-depth you should check it out.

I have played Crosscode. It's pretty decent.

| >>616094
I looked this up. It looks interesting. Now there is another game I'm excited about. Thanks for sharing it! :0


| >>ae7586 >>489848 >>2ff287
Damn, can you people take this elsewhere?

| >>616556
Yeah, I'm done. Sorry.

| Hey I heard they were going to have bb-gun drones...

| I'm looking forward to Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga and Animal Crossing. Would be amazing to have some Zelda port/remake on Switch and kind of scared about the Saints Row IV port, The third was really bad ported (the team behinf the port was lame and lazy compared to the one that ported Red Faction)

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