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Any GOOD lewd-ish first-person anime dungeon crawler RPGs?

| Moero Chronicle is kinda...not great, Mary Skelter is a sick fucking joke at best, hit me with the good stuff.
I've heard good things about Labyrinth of Refrain, but I'd rather get it for Switch later, so what are my options on PC?

| Oh yeah, indie stuff is also welcome.
Preferable for gameplay to come first, and fan-service second but still be present.

| Dungeons and Dolls.

| >>615770
Looks like a full-on H-game... Not quite what I was looking for. And the art is kinda questionable.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

| Well wtf is lewd-ish supposed to mean? What are you, the kind of person who actually likes To Love Ru?

| >>615785 To Love Ru had a great plot though

| >>615785
Nah, To Love Ru ain't my thing either. I mean something with some fan service thrown into it, like ecchi cutscenes, or slightly provoking enemy and character designs. Basically like the games I mentioned in the first post, but for the love of god don't make the fan service stuff into an actual game mechanic, that's complete bullshit.

| >>615808 to love ru has garbage plot, but the art is great.

>>615810 I can't suggest any first person dungeon crawler, but if you are okay with JRPGs, you might enjoy Neptunia Series or basically whatever game pumped out by Idea Factory.

Also if you are okay with PS2 JRPG, you'll like AR Tonelico. Innuendos here and there, suggestive clothes, but no display of bare chest or sexual intercourse.

| Just play the first game, because the second game has "bathing mechanics" that you might hate. Even worse, the third game has "more skin exposed, more magic" mechanics, so just play the first game.

| >>615821
I really couldn't get into Neptune because of its setting/tone. A bit too jokey/satirical/on the nose for me. Ar Tonelico looks interesting, might look into emulating that.

| >>616052 tbh, me too. I only suggested you neptunia because I thought it might interest you. But really, it was just an excuse to suggest ar tonelico because I like ar tonelico.

I honestly can't stand anything idea factory games.

| >>616063 anyone except for the Neptunia fanboy troglodytes has the brain capacity to realize just how shit that abominations is.
As for the topic, the only other thing I've played that, even though it doesn't really fit the description, I'd always recommend is Rance, but you've probably heard of it already.

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