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runescape account stealing autists

| >someone tells me about runescape in last decade
>plays it
>hear about third party client
>runescape has never been the same
>get bored after months
>one day
>open my phone
>10 new emails: your runescape email has been successfully changed

| >they're all phishing emails
>somehow passing through the spam filter
>learns that third party client had its ""data breached"", all the emails ""leaked""
>several nerds trying to recover hack my account
>all for 220k coins
these people tries really hard at trying to steal my account, with actual humans actually trying.

yeah im gonna remove this account

| First buy gf

| Of course they'll do it, think that finding someone's bank account means a lot of business, specially if they find some big fish (which usually there are on MMORpgs) or making someone fall into an scam. The same happens to me every now and then from someone trying to enter on my Epic account, I used it for Unreal Engine but thanks to the boom of Fortnite... there goes the fantastic security Epic offers towards anything.

| The hacking community is just as bad in Roblox. I've had several people attempt to hack into my 11 years old account for a long time and their flawed security system doesn't help it.

| Haven't even played the game for years. though, Roblox went from building to a soulless corporate game engine.

| Tfw I ran a third party client that had a hidden keylogger just to steal passwords to sell RuneScape accounts to losers for $10 - $50 a piece and made my way through college doing it.

| wtf if u type out your password it comes out censored: >********

try it out!

| poopypantspoopoopeepee666

| Oh noes, pls don't hack me.

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This thread is permanently archived