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Awesome Games Done Quick

| It's live! 5-12 January, speedrunning games for charity.


Personally, I can't wait to see what they're gonna do with FE3H, Subnautica, and the VtmB Nosferatu run. Anything you're looking forward to?

| I always watch the TAS's, but this year I'll probably also watch Katana Zero and Celeste Ch9. Celeste is scheduled to take 20 minutes, but the same feat is probably going to take me 20 hours...

| Dilation done quick

| No Hylics run this year. :( But Subnautica and VTMB sounds interesting.

| It was pretty hard to watch before because such activities attract socially inept neckbeards (like myself), but now it's literally a freakshow, disgusting trans "people", policed speech, etc. Fuck this.

| >>615361
I'm genuinely sorry about how your self-hate hinders you from enjoyment in life. Hopefully you can grow out of it at some point. I recommend seeing a professional and talk about your issues.

| >>615420
Found the tranny.
>self hate
That's self-irony, not self-hate, something you wouldn't understand because you're overly sensitive little faggot. Nice projection though, you mentally ill freak, you can go dilate now.

| i had zero interest then someone said vtmb nosferatu run and i kinda wanna watch that

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>It was pretty hard to watch before because such activities attract socially inept neckbeards (like myself)
This is self-hate.

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I already told what this is, dumb fucking nigger. Somehow I think that I am more aware of my feelings towards myself than your mentally ill ass. Don't quote me again, faggot, rather go shove some phallic objects into your axe wound that you mistake for vagina.

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No one actually reads posts like yours you know. I only scim trough the first words until I get the point/lack of point. You are literally the only one putting energy into them. But this is pretty much the story of your life, right?

I remember a time when people on the Internet weren't wearing their insecurities on their sleeves. I suggest you go elsewhere if you're so lonely that you're fishing for my attention. I won't indulge you any further.

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Holy shit, the amount of projections. Yeah, right, I'm thinking you'll be killing yourself in the near future, faggot.

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Yeah, I was a bit sceptical about being able to finish the game in 24 minutes with all those unskippable cutscenes but I went through all the story-missions in my head and I think it's very possible.

You can also finish most boss fights pretty fast if you put points into potence.

It's gonna be exciting to watch.

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>all this pretentious babble just to say DIDNT READ LOL
Lmao, you really are pathetic, making assuptions about other people on the internet like you've known them for years, with no real basis whatsoever. Stick that condescending tone up your ass. Twitter is a more suitable place for people like you, not anonymous boards.

| That blindfolded Punch Out run where 2 people shared a controller was pretty dope!

| All I really know about GDQ is that they've acted pretty scummy towards specific runners behind the scenes.
Plus none of the runs this GDQ don't really interest me at all.

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All those possible flavours, and you g/u/rls choose to be FUCKING BITTER, smh fam, let's bring some joy into the world instead.

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Got some details about that? I've been watching GDQ for four years, and the worst I've heard is them (maybe unintentionally) getting some unsavory people as runners

| >>615803
I've heard some runners get banned for no reason, or banned for doing something the staff just didn't like. I definitely don't intend to call every staff member unsavory, but there is plenty to discover. Trihex's ban is probably the most known one compared to people who aren't banned.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5TGFEoidEM

This youtube investigation was pretty good at explaining the controversies.>>615803 >>615826

| The Wind Waker run was pretty good! There have been a ton of advancements since the last one I saw.

| I decided to click through vods, and then something caught my eye. Some fat blob-like creature, probably ogre, dressed in all pink, emerged from the depths and planted its ass on the seats. At this point my fingers automatically pressed ctrl+w out of sheer fear. Thanks for the scare of my life, /v/, I'm never trusting you again after what you've done to me.

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I was not able to catch much from the stream 1-2 days ago. Anything good from there? I noticed there was a Crash Twinsanity run on there that I want to see; I remember that game being real broken on the hub world.

>sox calms zorro

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