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whats an indie game

| dictionary definition would be "self-funded and self-published game", but I would still consider Ori, Cuphead, and Cadence of Hyrule as indie games, at least until someone come up with a new term like AA or B or whatever

| We already do call some games AA. Games like Hellblade, River City Girls, and Travis Strikes Again fit that description in terms of their scope and budget.

| Yeah. AA is already a term homie.

| Small team, personalized direction, not meant to tick a marketing checklist.

That's how I define it anyway? Personally I also divide between between, like, the small fries in itch.io, and the popular or publisher-backed indies like the three you mentioned, all the Devolver games and, like, Hollow Knight. I call these Indie+.

| A game about Indiana Jones with such examples as Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Indiana Jones 2

| >>614956 makes sense to me

| >>614878 wondering if anyone else use the word "indie+". Seems like a nice compromise but I don't want to have to evangelize its usage to my pedantic amigos

| >>615352
I'm heavily into indie games and indie developers, and I have never heard that phrase before, so I really doubt it's common.

| I just play games...

| >>615360
Am >>1502fe and yeah, it's just a term I made for myself. Would be great if it's more widespread though. Kinda feel bad to put something hugely popular like Hollow Knight on the same level as a single-dev game struggling for any kind of recognition.

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IMO it's difficult to put companies into "levels" at all.. there's no reason rule of if you have greater than X number of employees or resources then you are in Y tier of indie-ness, you almost have to look at each company individually

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