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What video game characters do you hate and how do you want to kill them?

| Personally I despise Sonic (specifically from Smash).

I would kill him with a shotgun that's on the weaker side. I'd start by blowing up his legs. Then I'd shoot him twice in the lower part of the gut and stomp down in the wound once before I leave and let him bleed out. That way he'll be gone pretty quickly, I am merciful, but his last moments would be in horrific pain, and it would feel satisfying. Satisfaction I need after all the times he has denied me satisfaction in Smash.

| Bro what

| I'd be willing to beat the shit out of Buzzo, but he might benefit from mental help more.

| >>3b366d autism the thread

| >>615116
My dad thought I was autistic :(

| >>615116
That was uncalled for. :(

Comparing this thread to autism is completely rude to autistic people like myself. You're basically calling me crazy for the way I was born.

| >>615256 Good, own it faggot

| I hate any player character RPG protagonist and want to kill them by suicide

| Every character in Final Fantasy from X onwards, by trebuchet into an active volcano

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This thread is permanently archived