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xinput controllers 2

| previous thread OP here. I decided to get a DS4 and I wanted to share some things I learned:
> steam fully supports it (gyro/trackpad mapping). I did install PS Now for DS driver but idk if its required. PS Now can be removed after
> you can connect thru BT
> with Steam, few games may natively show PS button prompts
> don't like steam? DS4Windows is still being updated. look up ryochan7's fork. comes with its own drivers
> DS4W overrides steam and can coexist (?)
> works with CEMU

| I wish Switch Pros had that much support. WiinUPro doesn't even work properly with them

| >>614619 I wish I can help you, but I don't own a Switch Pro. I did consider it at some point though and I heard good things about using it with Steam. and by good things I meant that you can map gyro with it and it works wirelessly, but I don't know anything about emulator support.

| DS4 is where it's at, such a nice controller. My only complaint is the micro USB starts to feel really sloppy. I use it with BT sometimes, but BT is such a pain, so it's just easier to use wired. I started holding the USB cord in a loop with one hand to take the stress off (hand is on controller, just route cable between controller and hand, in case you were wondering).

Yes, DS4W is fairly dead, but InputMapper is the successor. Still maintained and nice features.

| >>614849 DS4Windows is still being maintained though https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases

I don't get what you meant by BT is a pain. Having to fiddle with cables like that sounds like a bigger pain to me. With BT I just have to push the PS button to turn it on and start playing. Unless of course you had your DS4 paired with your PS4. I don't own a PS4 so I have no such problem :p

| Rewasd converts it to be an Xinput, but rewasd cost good ol cash money

| >>615192 this thread makes me learn about all this programs I never heard before. nice

| >>615142 huh, did not know DS4W was still going... am I thinking of something else? Was it DS4W that took over an older project maybe?

I don't have PS4 either, but in my experience it is just a hassle to get BT working. Once it's paired it's usually ok, but then sometimes its not, and Windows is just so bad at it. I agree wireless is nice... why not just use RF dongle instead of BT? I guess because it has audio and other weird stuff, but I don't use any of that.

| >>615296 there were several version of DS4W maintained by different people, but this fork seems to be the most up-to-date. The GUI seems to be drastically different than the old version as well if that means anything. Also it uses ViGEm (IM dev said they are gonna use ViGEm in their next version so that's gotta mean something). Funnily, ViGEm seems to be maintained by SCPToolkit dev, and SCPToolkit was abandoned a while back.

| >>615296 The time I had real problem with BT is when I moved my BT dongle to a different USB port which was solved by removing the old pairing and pairing it again. It seems to be mostly on Windows side of things rather than the DS4 itself. Sometimes my DS4 does randomly disconnect though, but it's pretty rare and not to the point of annoyance (yet?) I also got an 8bitdo dongle which I got *just in case* but it seems to only support Xinput functionalities (no touchpad/gyro)

| >>615349 I agree, pretty sure it's mainly a Windows thing, and I have a no name $10 BT dongle, so... I have one on Mobo too, prob better quality, but range was bad, like 3-4 ft... maybe the case? I dunno. Seems stupid to put in on without antenna if it's going to have 3' range.

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