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I hate Fire Emblem Three Houses. What other fantasy strategy RPGs can I play?

| Three Houses was the biggest disappointment I played and I want to find an alternative.

What other fantasy SRPG out there has better visuals, storytelling, and challenge? ATM I can only think of replaying Yasumi Matsuno's games or literally any other FE but I like finding new games.

I have a PS3, Switch, 3DS, and PC

| Wargroove is the only game I've played that fits this description, but it's close to being a clone of Advance Wars. I'd still recommend giving it a try.

| Fuck. I meant PS4, not PS3

| Try emulating Yggdra Union or Gungnir, see if that does anything for you. Old as shit, but both do some pretty interesting and unusual things. I've only played the former and it has some great storytelling and it's notorious for its challenging difficulty.

Maybe Disgaea 5? Visuals are okay (albeit VERY anime), challenge is there if you don't grind to the point of OP-ness, but the story and overall tone is way more lighthearted.

| Also Vestaria Saga has come out recently, you could check it out since you seem to be into Shouzou Kaga's work. The only downside is that its visuals are fucking abysmal, as in even NES FE games almost look better.

| Jeanne D'Arc for PSP and any of the Shining Force games are kinda like the FE series. The Final Fantasy Tactics series are other option.

| Final fantasy tactics advance is one of my favorites, the whole series is good tho.

| >>614291 I played Disgaea 5 but not the others. I'll have to look into those.

Tbh I Disgaea 5's story way more than Three Houses. Whenever a story takes itself seriously while messing up what I think is good execution, it's annoying. But Disgaea is well aware of its own goofiness and it's awesome.

Basically a bad story told well is more fun than a good story told poorly.

| >>614292 Vestaria does look interesting, even though I agree it's not eye candy.

Funny enough, I barely played Kaga's work but I do prefer when Fire Emblem is focused on linear battles and resource management.

| >>614316 Tactics Advance was my childhood!! In fact it's one of my earliest introductions to tactics games in general. :D

| >>614305 oooo, Jeanne D'Arc is actually sitting in my backlog. I never finished it but I may give it another go.

Also I love Final Fantasy Tactics. Already mentioned I'm a fan of its creator Matsuno. :)

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Hell yea the snowball fight and the way they got sucked into the book had me captivated at a really young age.

| Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 4 are fun SRPGs with likeable characters. they're pretty much anime world war 2 tho so not as fantasy as fire emblem

| >>614608 played them. I love Valkyria Chronicles! Plus I don't mind the minimal fantasy elements. In fact I like it.

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Have you checked out the Ogre Battle series?
I'd recommend Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.

| >>614720 I only played Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. I love it and want more of the setting.

So I'm interested in March of the Black Queen! Any idea where I cam safely get the ROM and emulator for it?

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FBI! OPEN UP (>your heart <3) !

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The Knight of Lodis is also a great game in the series, totally recommend.

| Divinity Original Sin 2, it has a great story and interesting combat mechanics. Once you get used to the combat, every combat encounter gets your strategy skills going. Story, music, and characters are great as well. Lots of dialogue options

| Off the top of my head, Der Langrisser on the SNES, and I think at least one other game is on the Sega Saturn. For a more obscure game, there's Energy Breaker, also on the SNES. Rondo of Swords on the DS is hard as fuck.

| Fire emblem 7

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