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Blood/Souls appreciation thread

| Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series are incredible games. I really wish more game studios would make games like this. Amazing level design, connecting the world together in really intricate ways. Challenging but fair combat. Really cool, massive story told through the level design, enemies, items and small bits of dialogue. Leveling system and weapons that open up for tons of different builds and specialised styles.

Let's talk about anything Blood/Souls related.

| Oh boy, do I have a gold mine if soulsborne games for you : gaming journalism

| DkS1 is great, if a little bit clunky/raw at times. Hot take: DkS2 is still pretty good, despite not being as great. I've only fought the Dancer in DkS3 at my friend's place but I'm very hyped to finally get to playing it after clearing up my backlog a bit first.

Bloodborne looks like it'd be right up my alley, but I can't really justify getting a console. But from the vids it looks amazing.

| I don't go back to Bloodborne/Dark Souls as much as I used to, but I appreciate their popularity and influence. Better that than more games trying too hard to appeal to casuals.

But as far as souls borne games go, I like Nioh. I'm happy it combines souls design with faster paced combat a la Ninja Gaiden.

| Love these games, been thinking of getting sekiro. Anyone played?

| Bloodborne is still one of my favourite games, all of the soulsborne games are incredible in their own right.

Currently been indulging in watching a guy attempt a 0 damage run in ds1, the game never gets old.

| >>614015 Sekiro isn't exactly a staple Souls-like game, sure it has quite a lot of simularities to the og's but the removal of RPG mechanics such as stats and most equipment, in addition to all the verticality, stealth and the parry-based combat give it a very different feel to other Soulsborne games. It's still a great game though, just not quite in the formula.

| >>614051
That's part of why I love them so much too. The tons of different ways to play it and the community. All the games have some insane replay value and playing them with friends, talking about them, watching streams or other content. It's just awesome.

| >>613933

I had lots of fun in co-op in DS2, way more that I did with DS3. The amount of builds that worked were bigger, but it was kinda ruined by the awful matchmaking system.

| >>613933
I stand by the belief that DkS2 had the best PvP. Power Stances were a gift and I'm sad we'll never get it back. Bloodborne did me a solid with trick weapons but I hated PvP in that game. Shame since everything else about Bloodborne is wonderful.

| So, I started playing Bloodborne again, and I'm loving the cane. I gave up on the game over a year ago because I didn't understand how it worked and didn't want to search it up, but now I spent the last 3 hours making even more progress than I did back then, and it's also a lot easier than I remembered. It's a nice break from the slowness (and the cancer that is Blighttown) of DS1.

| I love all the Souls games but Bloodborne such a masterpiece. bought the PS4 just to play it and I don't regret it at all

| >>340893 > Senior is mega fun it’s up there with ds3

| Bloodborne is best I dont make the rules. Everything is perfect and the only thing I'm mad about is that we dont have any more content for it besides the dlc.

| >>615175
I agree, 100%.

| Dark Souls 2 is my favorite of the series, and I know that most people would say I'm an idiot, but whatevs. I think the hate against it is unwarranted, and it did a lot to push the series forward.

| I only play(ed) these games for the unique pvp experience that they provide, so for me it's:
DS2>>>DS3 >DS1>shit>piss>bloodborne
Played sekiro for an hour and refunded it, that's some arcade bullshit with zero traces of RPG, not to mention no pvp.
Any other "souls-likes" aren't actually souls-like at all without the invasion system, which is THE core of these games IMO.

| I like Demon's souls

| >>615547
That's funny, I've played them exclusively offline. My favourite is the first, the third is nice, and I haven't finished the second.

| >>615606
>I've played them exclusively offline
You played yourself. Good job gimping your own experience, I guess.

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| >>615547
>Any other "souls-likes" aren't actually souls-like at all without the invasion system, which is THE core of these games IMO.
I have never played these games because I have no time, but I'm a huge fan of the lore/aesthetic. What's so good about the invasion system? I never see it shown prominently in the videos I watch, so I thought it was some sort of little secondary feature.

| >>615632
To put it simply - you can invade other people's worlds and fuck them up. Or that could happen you.
>What's so good about the invasion system
For me it's the adrenaline rush when you're fighting 4-man gank squad and the satisfaction if you manage to win when the odds are seemingly against you. Basically the same feeling when you kill the hard boss, except it doesn't get old, at least not as fast.


| If you really get into pvp you'll be speedrunning the game dozens of times if you'll want to try out new builds, so pve kinda becomes stale. I think I have ~4000 hours in all games combined, half of that in DS2. If you want to watch some invasions then simply look for them on youtube, I recommend checking out dude by the name Rehvion.


| >>615547 I always found pve to be the soul of these games, the pvp is simply a gameplay distraction for when you're either bored of exploration or if you've done everything else. The lore and worldbuilding are, what I'd say, the things that make the Soulsborne sing.

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I agree. I mean, multiplayer is fun. Right now me and a friend made Ganondorf and Sasuke and are fucking around with summons and invading cunts. It's fun, but the main draw is definitely the single player.

| I kinda wish the pvp in bloodborne was more like the pvp in dark souls. Only because fight club. I mean, I guess having 3 people in a party and having 1 invader is like dark souls fight club but nothing will beat a hoard of people beating the shit out of each other.

| I think it's better to evaluate the online and offline portions of the game separately. DS1 is pretty cool but the online play is hot garbage.

| All I'm gonna say is...

>Amazing chest ahead.

>Try holding with both hands.

| >>615879
>try finger but hole
>gorgeous trap ahead

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