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I need advice about Fire emblem 3Houses

| I haven't finished it, i know about the timeskip and the timelines (pls don't spoil)

I chose the black eagles and i really like Edelgard and Dorothea, but i fell in love with Rhea and i know that she is Edelgard's antagonist, but man i love them both, (i really haven't felt like that for Rhea ever, fucking ever, for any other character)
So, what should I do

| Btw i only like Rhea from the church, no one else

| For one thing, you can save multiple files before you make that final choice. But the game is designed to play multiple times over for a reason.

Go with Edelgard first, and Rhea in another path.

Though honestly in my opinion the church route is kind of skippable honestly. Especially when compared with another route in the game.

| Btw Fear the Deer.

| >>a54b31
:0 i was thinking of going with Claude or edelgard
Also, personally what toute is your favorite my good g/u/rl?

| Yeah, you gotta choose between Rhea or Edelgard, op. Can't have both. If you like Rhea, go with her.

I've only played Golden Deer and Blue Lions so far. I think Blue Lions is the most like previous Fire Emblems (for better or worse). It's mostly character drama-driven with some good pacing for reveals.

Bur I love Golden Deer so much. They're just a ragtag group stumbling on the main plot and making the best of it, it's amazing.

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This thread is permanently archived