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I made a dex build in dark souls

| I'm using an uchigatana and have no idea what to use except katanas, please help.

| rapiers are good, but you need to have the big gay to use them

| Bastard sword one love

| That's fucking gay dude. Join the unga-bunga great-club.

| Do the berserk reference sword

| >>612101 flamberge scales quality but better Dex than str if you can get one

Crow quills r1 to l1 in pvp

Curved swords are really good

Astora (ultra) greatsword is awesome because lightweight dex ultra

| I did katana dex builds in all 3 ds games and I can say with authority - katanas suck. Save Katana for Sekiro. Chosen undead ain't no shinobi.

| >>612154 three words, washingpoll running attack

| >>612154 but the Iaito's moveset is so epic

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This thread is permanently archived