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Yugioh TCG

| A couple weeks ago I went to the middle of nowhere to play some Yugioh with some friends who own cards.

Since I still play caveman style yugioh, they gave me a Gravekeeper deck. Wanted to play it blind so I don't know what was inside exactly. Out of the three duels (one single, one tag and one royale) I can't remember ever seeing a MST.

As for the others, one had toons, which I could beat in single, the other had Raidraptors and the last one had Fur Hire. Furries won the royale.

| Cool?

| Cool. But will be cooler when I send that furry swarm to the Shadow Realm. Somehow.

| Yugioh died with Link monsters

| >>610428 pendleton monsters*

| Yugioh died in 2009. Everything since is an abomination

| >>610582
Link Summoning killed the game. Also the fact that judges were forcing you to use Errata'd versions of cards and not your old cards in regional and national level tournaments.

| With the errata, they should just create new cards and leave old ones for traditional format. Like a Sangan Jr or something.

Except for the Eatos timing failing with her own sword, can't think of a effect that should change instead of having a new card.

As for the state of the game, I would say Synchro era is fine, perhaps Xyz too. Can play WC2011 classicly just fine without being combo summoned for 5 straight minutes.

To quote some duelist, >in this world, it's FTK or be FTKed.

| I still like to replay yugioh wc 2008 on nds

| >>610647 yes. I have fun playing old formats and old video games, but I can't even start to have fun with the current meta. Even Pendulum era was better than this.

| >>610845 when thevshit started to go down, i was proposing oldschool tournaments where you define, up to which booster you can have cards from and enforcing older banlist from that period. It never caught on irl, so older ygo games are the best implementation of this.

| Wish i could easily play power of chaos online, or something similar

| >>610968 Well you can always do it with friends

| I like Magic.

| >>610971 only if you are on lan or are using sime tunneling service

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