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I need some game UI suggestions

| Hi I need some new games to play and could use some suggestions but I'm also drawing something right now and need some inspiration,so if you could suggest a game to play that also has a clean as fuck UI, bonus points

| Elite Dangerous has a pretty sweet UI. Can't speak for the gameplay though.

| UI is for the weak. Play Dwarf Fortress and experience fun in it's most pure state.

| To give you another suggestion, Persona 5 has probably the slickest UI I've seen in a game. the gameplay is good as well.

| UI! I love talking about game UI! Currently I'm enamored with Pokemon Sword/Shield. It's just so clean and smooth, a huge step up from the 3DS games.

Fire Emblem Fates has the best use of space, with how it arranges the portrait/stats/equips at the bottom screen and then having more info pop up when you touch it.

In terms of aesthetic, my favs that I can recall: Transistor, Pyre, both NieR, Persona 3-5.

| Oh and Darkest Dungeon! The aesthetic is great, but what's better is how they arrange all those numbers and buttons in such a way that it's just really easy to navigate around. They can show so much in just one screen without being overwhelming.

| >>609483 agreed on Fire Emblem Fates. I love the arrangement and readability of the UI there. Not to mention FE UI in general. Sadly not the case with Three Houses, especially with the text size.

| >>609598
Yeah, 3H's UI is kinda lacking. I can see where they're getting at with the left/right split, but in practice it's just jarring esp. with small text. Also removing the touch-for-more-info is :( .

I like that they add clear numbers for Atk/Prt/Res at least. Save me the trouble of doing the math myself and reminding me that battallions can give a huge boost.

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This thread is permanently archived