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I bought VA-11 Hall-A and played 2.5 hours of it

| It's good so far

captcha: alyce nuked capon

| it's the shit

| best shit
got it for pc and ima get it for switch

Captcha: ashen shtik umped

| Got it last week and I played through it twice. Really enjoyed it, but unfortunately I don't have much of a reason to play through it again, at least atm.

| Some days I boot it up just to listen to the music. Sure, I could find it on YouTube. But it doesn't have the same effect!

| >>609558
You could also support a homie and by the OST on Bandcamp.

| >>609600

| >>609600 tru. I did buy it, but having the bar pulled up on the screen gives off a vibe to compliment the music imo.

| >>609603
Yeah, I get that. Personally I enjoy having the sound files so I can use them as alarms and stuff, and just play them wherever, but having a screen up with the game running just for the music and vibe actually sounds really cosy.

| I loved Vallhalla,playing through 2064 now and its also sooo goood.

| >>609610
Good choice g/u/rl

I love the crossovers

| >>609606 Ah yes. The Calicomp Startup and Shutdown tunes have been my wakeup alarms for the past two years

| >making tunes you like into alarms
or "how do I make myself hate stuff that I like"

| >>609780
Nah. That doesn't happen. I change it up frequently, so I have a different track from Va-11 Hall-A or Devilman Crybaby every couple days, sometimes some homemade stuff from my homies too, so I don't end up hating them.

| >>609603 buy wallpaper engine and you can make it your desktop

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