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good 3rd party xinput controller?

| I have a logitech f-something controller and it sucked very bad. the design was the most un-ergonomic i've seen in game controllers. the triggers don't dangle like most modern controller but was guarded with plastic surrounding which caused a lot of sore finger, not to mention the uncomfortable grip.

| I can't afford the official xbone controller and x360 controllers are all counterfeit at this point. I'm using a ds3 now but the usb just wears out and the fanmade bluetooth driver is not developed anymore and had problems with many bluetooth cards. If you've used some third party xinput controller, some hidden gem or whatnot, please let me know! I don't mind wired, and I'd prefer wired if it means cheaper as long as it's good.

| F710? The wireless one? I have it and it's okay. Worse than ds3, but way better than no gamepad at all in gamepad games. The worst thing about it is heavy triggers. Can't play racing games comfortably. It's ergonomic enough for what it is grip-wise. Been using it for nearly 4 years. It got borked 2yrs 360 days in (3 yrs warranty) and I got a new one by mail for free.
I'm also curious if there's anything decent in the gamepad market for when it breaks.

| >>607679 the wired one but it has the exact same form factor I think. my problem with the grip is.. well actually maybe not so much the grip but the trigger "guard". it gets in the way so you can only let 2 finger rest on the grip while your mid finger need to rest on the trigger, and in this case the plastic guard also gets in the way causing sore finger either way. and yes, the trigger is way heavy, not very comfortable or practical.

| i looked some video reviews as well and it seems that aside from the logitech, other 3rd party controllers seem to be ds4 / xbone controller knockoffs that tried to mimic their design. not saying it's inherently bad but it does make me question their commitment to quality. if I really want to I guess I can try one of GameSir controller? but I think unless someone dropped an absolute hidden gem I'll just save up for a ds4 for that steam support.

| Seems a waste to buy a gamepad without the console. A waste to buy a console either as the next console is out soon. If you go for any experiments, do tell your impressions. I don't get what you mean by guards really. Actually I had some f series wired gamepad before this one, but I think it was identical (maybe I remember it wrong). I rest my middle finger underneath gamepad and press triggers with my index finger that otherwise rests between button and trigger.

| My first gamepad ever was dinput (I wasn't privy to what it is back then) and it sucked ass. This one is totally usable. I only hate how sticks don't press properly lately. Have to push hard and fast right in the middle for it to register. Also it doesn't have proper drivers for win10 so I'm using xbox controller's ones.
DS4 has steam support? What does that mean? I remember you had to buy some sorta adapter to be able to run ds3 on pc and most games only had xinput support then.

| I got a dang cheap dinput controller for .5$. The joystick's deadzone sucks ass, trigger is not analogue but it works. Just use Steam Controller Remapper to get the job done.

| >>72cc3e here>>607922 I've been trying to use my logitech again and I think all of my problems was attributed to the heavy triggers and shoulder buttons (I only remembered the sore fingers and couldn't recall the reasons, my bad).

| >>607923 >DS4 has steam support?
It just meant steam can remap the DS4 input but I'm especially curious about the gyro mapping. But most importantly I just prefer PS's slim controller design and stick placement (vs the xbox's) and I've heard a lot of good things about the DS4 being an overall improvement of the DS lineup.
> buying a controller without a console
That's the situation I'm in though. Third parties aren't very good, so I'm using a DS3 straight from my PS3.

| >>608060 Funny you mention that. I got a cheap dinput controller for about $2 that comes with TWO controllers attached to 1 usb port. It was surprisingly decent and lasted so much longer than a bootleg Xbox 360 controller I got for $15 (I didn't know it was a fake) that only lasted for a week before the stick would just stop being usable.

| >>607922 I took a pic to show what I meant by trigger "guards" because I'm invested in this topic for some reason lol. it's still annoying that it's there and I want someone to know

| >>608179 F710 has those too, never bothered me though.

| >>608216 good for you then. when I made the jump to the DS3 it was a world of difference to me.

| That being said, I'm in the market for xinput Bluetooth controller that utilises actual microswitches for abxy and maybe arrows, anything non-korean-custom you guys know of?

| Depending on your location you may actually find some pretty decent knockoffs that have the option to run as both Xinput/Dinput. In eastern-ish Europe something like Genesis P58/PV58 or Speedlink Xeox Pro are both decent and much much cheaper than the original XBO controller.

| >>608338
Ehhh, XBOX layout. Also, had a Xeox, triggers got scratchy and squeaky pretty fast and the pads under the face buttons have worn out soon after. This is just anecdotal, but do keep in mind.

| >>608270 I had been gaming on ps3 back in the day I first bought it and besides trigger stiffnes nothing really stood out that much. Eh, to each his own I guess.

| 8-bitdo controllers are really over the top, even though they represent classic designs they offer every funtion a modern controller has (the pro ones of course), true is they can be a little less cheaper than some Xbox360 controller (between 30 to 40€)

| Also Steam was selling their controller for 5€, it's a same they runed out of stock so quickly

| I'm pretty sure i've seen a 360-like gamepad with a xinput/dinput switch.
Also seconding 8bitdo.

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