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Any Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers?

| Feel free to share your league cards or set up battles/join raids here.

| I don't have it yet. Hopefully I'll receive or buy it for Christmas. It looks fucking awesome.

| I bought it just to hate it and made sure my money didn't go to GF directly. I just don't understand how there are so many performance issues but the Switch never gets hot or noisier, at least GF did a good job porting a portable experience with almost instant loading screens.
Wild area is fun but the story is pretty much forced and they won't let you catch Pkm over level 20. Understandable because you could catch an overleveled Pkm but then you can be raped in your first 2 hours.

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>you can be raped in your first 2 hours
Wait hold up are you saying the game is actually not mindlessly easy? That's a huge plus for me.

I wasn't planning on getting it, but all these talks and screenshots are tempting me. As far as my eyes are concerned, it looks great.

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Yeah, I agree. Last Pokémon I played was Let's Go Eevee, and fuck. After that I really need something more challenging to play. Like, the game was nice and comfy, but 2 hours in I couldn't take the lack of difficulty anymore. A Pokémon game that's just as comfy, but with actual challenge sounds perfect!

| It has come to my attention that you can camp to heal?? And you can switch your party/box Pokemon anywhere without having to find a PokeCenter??

Ok dammit now I feel like I need this game

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> >you can be raped in your first 2 hours
Hold on, you can get raped in this game? I love sex... Sounds like my kind of game!

| I found the start of the game up to gym 6 to be really fun and challenging for sure. The game really just felt like a no nonsense Pokemon game and it's super refreshing.

People like to shit on the battle animations, but I honestly just tunned them out and never really noticed.

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I was confused about the complaints from reviews of people who thought it was "too easy" as well, because aside from some pokemon trainers and the first two routes, I feel like I'm getting my ass handed to me, overleveling be damned. Nessa (second gym leader)'s turtle-pokemon thing nearly wiped my whole party and I was already pushing level 30. And that was even without them dynamaxing.

Hilariously, so far every time I've dynamaxed so far, i've still been stomped, and ended up having to wait out the opponent's dynamax to survive. So I dunno whats up.

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I've often burned all my restore items from getting btfo'd by wild pokemans, so sometimes in order to survive to the next town, I had to find berry trees, shake them a bit, grab some food, and set up camp to make cheap curry which revives/heals/raises affection from your pokemon. If you shake too much, sometimes an angery squirrel drops out and stray pokemon steal all the food you harvested, but... yeah. Camping is amazing.

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Oh shit that actually sounds amazing.

Maybe... maybe I don't need to wait for Shin Megami Tensei V for my monster-collecting turn-based battles. Maybe what I need is already here....

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I want it so bad now!

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