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Why google stadia

| I thought it was another conceptual idea that google engineer thought up while smoking crack, but apparently they are launching soon with actual games that you have to buy individually so you can play on it and only on it. Why not just get a console at this point..

| I don't really think it will do well because there have been a few companies that tried this already. The bandwidth on the client end is usually not quite good enough to make it run smoothly.

| Stadia won't last a year. Even the developers don't think it will.

| Well, switch already proven that people don't mind paying for a console + game to play a game on the go, even if they already own said game on pc. Examples: stardew valley, hollow knight, skyrim.

So I'd say stadia is not a far fetched idea. It is just the internet speed/data limit that makes it impossible for many.

| It's going to crash and burn. I think it might work if the games are free with subscription, but having to subscribe *and* pay full-price for individual games is just going to kill it.

It's not really comparable with the Switch, I think. Stadia is unproven tech (streaming games) with very few games, none of them new, and it's not geared for "on the go" at all.

| >>2846c3 sounds like it will crash harder than Ouya did, it will be entertaining to watch lmao

| >>607013 >>607016

Its already crashed, and is currently burning:



There is no comparison- you don't actually own the games on Stadia, you just own the right to stream them for a short timeperiod. With the Switch, you still buy and download games onto your device or sd cards.

| >>607013 my bad. I tought cloud gaming means that I can play it on craptop or phones.

| Looks like it's designed to be another OnLive. That one had the same problem with stable network connections.

| >>607023
It's supposed to be kind of like that, but you will also need really good internet to play it on those, so on the go gaming like tha Switch provides is very different, since that just has the games on it.

| >>607064 well, then my initial point still stand. I was countering OP's argument about "if you have to buy stadia and the game, just get console". I countered it by saying that switch made people buy game twice to play on the go.

And on my second paragraph, I acknowledge the internet problem. I think it is still possible to play in phone/craptop if you are at a 5 star hotel on your vacation. Else,gotta wait until 5G and super ultra expensive data plan to kick in.

| >>607072
Thing is that we have no way to prove if it would work on hotel WiFi or not yet, and for most people "on the go" is on the public transport, at school, at work, that sort of stuff. Not a 5 star hotel.

| >>607076
According to their FAQ, 10 mb down is the min: https://support.google.com/stadia/answer/9338852?hl=en&ref_topic=9495319

| >>607080
Huh. That's actually decent.

| why buy a stadia when i can already stream games on youtube?

| >>607706
funny because I think someone mentioned at some point that the stadia will allow you to jump into a game right as you watch someone streaming it on youtube, which sounds like bullshit as you need to purchase the games

| on another note, why is no one talking about PS now, a similar thing that has already been around for several years?

| >>114aac because it sucks even on a wired fiber connection

| "ISPs Will raise their data cap to meet demand"
Fucking delusional.

| >>607918 I think it's more like "ISPs will gladly charge extra for a special subscription with higher data cap"

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