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I was going to ask what games you g/u/rls are playing

| But I realise my own answer for two consecutive threads have been Fire Emblem Three Houses and that hasn't changed at all. Why is it this good. Why can't I stop playing this.

| I keep saying warframe. I keep playing it more and more often even though I like it less and less.

| I'm playing multiple games, notably Siralim 3 and Alvastia Chronicles. I've been craving a nice little JRPG to play.

| Currently between a rock and a hard place, aka Disco Elysium and Pathfinder:Kingmaker. And they're gonna suck all my juices dry, I feel that already.

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You have no idea how much I want to play Disco Elysium. Been waiting for years, but since getting the Switch I just can't fathom sitting in front of the PC to play anymore.

| >>606779 the opposite, my Switch has been covered in dust in the past 2 month. You just can't replace the mechanical sounds of a keyboard or the gentle sliding of a mouse on a pad. Shit's like a drug.

| Funny enough, I stopped playing Three Houses and sold it back on eBay. IMO it's the worst in the series and made me want to replay the 3DS games.

Anyway, I was playing Death Stranding. Loved the delivery gameplay, but not the storytelling and characters. Kojima's writing peaked with MGS3.

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What do you not like about it, if I may ask? If it's the gameplay being too easy that's VERY valid. Before Maddening came out, I had to handicap and deliberately underlevel myself on "Hard".

| I've been playing Pac Man World 20th Anniversary on the PS1

thinking of playing the original Battletoads next

| I've been playing Control. I tried it on acid and have been smoking jack herer the last week so when I was playing it really felt like I was in control

| >>606833 That's part of it, especially the Turn Rewind mechanic. But overall, it's an ugly poorly optimized game even for Switch, I don't like the school activities and hub, and the story had good ideas but poor execution. I like the characters but they don't save 3H.

If I want an engaging strategy RPG with a well told political war story and a better choice structure, I would play Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together instead.

| >>606833 also, it's just a chore to play and one playthrough felt too long. After my 60 hour run, I did not want to replay it. It's like Nintendo & Intsys are less interested in rewarding strategy and more on making FE timesink RPGs.

| Trying to get through 7th Dragon again, with some Risk of Rain 2 and Teamfight Tactics on the side.

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That's fair. It's definitely juggling a lot on the same plate, which I really dig myself, but, yeah, it's a bit exhausting to play. The 3DS FEs are better in that they're a lot more focused.

| Currently playing original Link's awakening DX, 'cause I can't buy it for switch. And yeah, it actually feels really nice

| Code Vein and Shadow of War

| Dark Souls and Smash Ultimate.

| Danganronpa

| I finished VA-11 HALL-A second time now playing Minecraft, Taiko no Tatsujin and Steins Gate 0.

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