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So, Death Stranding

| I haven't seen too much if the game, only the first 4-5 hours, but it looks really fucking cool. It's literally just a "delivery service simulator", but with Kojima shit, and I'd say the game is a pretty big success. Story and world is awesome, and the gameplay is very unusual, slow and sounds unfun, but it kinda reminds me of the exploration in Xenoblade Chronicles X (which I absolutely loved) but a lot slower and more polished. It's great!

| I want to play it but I guess I have to wait for a discount.
I spent too much money on taking care of stray cats in the past few months.

| I spent 25 hours with it and most of it is spent doing shit outside the main story. I'm really engaged with building structures for myself and other players.

| >>606302
Yeah, the loneliness of the game combined with the sense of community from seeing other people's structures and stuff is really cool.

| >>606306 because of that, I try to think of ways that'll make deliveries easier. I saw some people leaving trikes for others and I'm thinking littering them around each stations that don't have garages.

| i'm really interested in playing it without spoilers, but i dont have the console to play it (or money)

| Coming to pc afaik. Buy for pc.

| it is just a shitty game op, you are deluding yourself because it is a Kojima game

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No, actually. I've never really given a fuck about Kojima or played any of his other games. Watching this game is actually the reason I'm gaining an interest in him. I thought this game was going to be kind of shit and just a weird ass meme, and all the people hyping it up simply because of who was making it was a little annoying. I now understand why people like him though.

| >>92ef2a May I ask why though? The game would have been great if it was a movie, however as a video game it is a mediocre failure with no gameplay at all. I dont think Kojima even trusts video games to convey his stories, he probably uses his already beloved name to get away from the consequences of the mediocrity of his products.

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Didn't I explain why I liked it at the start of this thread? It's a really cool world and story mixed with gameplay that sure, it might not be your cup of tea, but I personally at least like watching it. Haven't played the game myself, so I wouldn't fully know, but it's kind of just chill. Just walking around looking at the landscape while casually completing objectives. That's something that very much appeals to me. Maybe I'm just a weird cunt.

| >>606426 well, you can say that the gameplay is boring and the story is nonsense all day and everyone will join your choir. But it is for sure not mediocre.

No mediocre game will add horor and building to the walking simulator game. You want your mediocre walk sim game? Go search on steam and you'll find some mediocre artsy walk sim.

Also if it is mediocre, can you name any other game that focus on actual delivery as the story and gameplay?

| Niche and devisive describe the game better than mediocre. You want mediocity? Just play any fps games released yearly by major publisher nowadays.

If you want explanation on why some people genuine like it without the kojima effect, the game gas post-apocalyptic theme and it is appealing for some people (including me). Just like how people like space exploration that they are willing to play overhyped no man sky or backing star citizen that will be forever in early access state.

| >>606431 I agree, the game is far from mediocre. It's got more depth to its walking than actual walking simulators. Those deliveries are fun because I'm forced to be mindful of the terrain. I alternate between watching my step, managing my cargo's weight, and using whatever structures both myself and players use.

This kind of game is pretty rare. Anyone who calls it mediocre have no idea what the word means.

| I just want to drink some Monster Energy

| It's Metal Gear Survive but with Kojima slapped on it. Wooooh, how exciting.

| >>606647 you're metal gear survive, without kojima slapped onto it

| >>606686 no u

| postman simulator 2.0: Post-Apocalyptic Edition.
for real though, you could kill Mules and what not, but it said they could turn to be BTs. kinda fun for me, and damn the landscape of this game fucking amazing for me, well mostly just moss and black vulcanic-like sand

| >>606647 how is "a hole opened up in the sky and teleported people into another universe filled with zombie" comparable to death stranding?

Metal Gear Survive is on isekai tier of lazyness. Plus, it is a live service game that ask money for extra save slot.

| >>606757 not plot, gameplay. Same repetitive gameplay with little to no variation.

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