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the societal impact of league of legends

| Does anyone who play this game actually like it ? Every single normie person i know plays it and absolutely hates everything anout the game. It's become a fucking meme at this point, like it's all part of some sort of social pretext to hang out with your friends. Did the world become this sad ? Do we live THAT much in a society ? It makes me wonder you know, what a world without LoL would be like.

| I don't hate lol personally i just hate ppl who play lol i used to play it untill mental breakdown bc of shitty team mates. no i'm not one of those piece of shit who alway blame team mates but because they don't know wtf fuck they're supported to do i myself main thresh but i do better when playing jg or mid when ranked bc i don't have to relied on fucking retard that about the end of my stupid rant i just hate myself for not being good team player despise main thresh pls give hug

| League can be toxic as shit. Especially in ranked.
That's why I mostly play with friends and refuse to play ranked alltogether.
If friends make mistakes you can either teach them or laugh with/at them.
Ranked just isn't worth the hassle. Everyone is toxic, winning can be random due to teamm8s and people will always berate you for your rank just because you don't have enough time to grind into diamond. Aram can also help a lot, since there are no set roles & you can just fuck around

| I use to play lol since Season 1 but would take long breaks here and there. The only times I had fun were with friends or doing arams. Never did ranked though so I like to think I avoided most of the toxicity.

| It sounds simple, but it's very effective. Problem is that you need friends for that lol

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makes me wonder if there is any practical difference between hating a game vs hating the experience of playing it

| All my friends play LoL, I tell them there are a LOT of other games they can play instead of playing the same over and over again. They only talk about that when they see each other and if they want to play another game they start doing LoL references. I'm tired of this shit.

| That's why you don't play sweaty ranks and troll in casual with your friends of course(or not if you don'thave any).

| Been playing league for ages in one of the most retarded roles (toplane) and i've got to say: ranked really destoryed my life. During summer i used to grind days of ranked just to get out of platinum into diamond but at the end i just realised it wasn't worth and moved on to other games. I play league with friends because it is literally the best thing to do but ranked is so cancer that i just gave up. Find some other game that you like and force yourself to play it.

| Never played ranked and still left, mostly due to Riot leeching all the fun from the game. From AP Yi, DFG and Dominion to Zz'rot, old Morde and Klepto. It's just impossible to have any fun while playing alone.

| Look at these losers maining lanes on solo.
Honestly though, when going solo, people tend to have high expectations of you following role protocol correctly. It may sound like jungling is difficult, what with micromanaging the various buff monsters, preparing to gank different heroes in lanes, and keeping an eye for enemy junglers, but I seem to always have time to fuck around. For some reason despite that, I tend to not be chastised too horribly. So yeah, Evelynn main ftw.

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That's one of the reasons why like both Aram and Nexus blitz. In aram you're not forced to fulfill those roles.
In Nexus blitz however, noone takes the game seriously. It was a playground for testing out champs or just dicking around with teamm8s/enemies.

God I wish Nexus blitz would return

| Doesn't every community of competitive game hates everything about the it? Because regular players feel they're not good enough and they need something to blame and unlike other factors game itself is always there for them.

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Meant *about it

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