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So Masuda restated Pokemon Quantity on Sw/Sh to be the same on the future

| How do you feel abou this? He paralelly says to buy Pokemon Home (Pkm Bank succesor) and store your old Pkm until they are available in a future game. What do we have to wait, 2, 4 games? Paying them to store Pkm you can't use each year pass or else they are gone.
I personally wouldn't care as much about all this NationalDex thing if they also get rid of popular Pkm, but of course they won't risk that little yellow rat.
I don't mind missing Pkm but I mind GF toying fans's money.

| Do people always carry over their old Pokemon to every new game? I personally don't mind the limited Dex in SwoSh because God knows there are too many Pokemon.

This announcement seem more like a way to appease the fans yelling bloody murder instead of a way to "toy with fan's money". From what I see it's a niche functionality that's meant to appeal only to the hyper-fans

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those hyperfans are the one yelling bloody murder

regular fans only disappointed that the new starters look like sonic oc

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Sooo, no problem, right? Hyperfans get the feature they need (at some point, after it's been developed, after paying for it. What do you expect, it's a niche functionality). Everyone else just carry on as usual.

Seems a non-issue to me. Everything else is just exaggerations.

| I personally didn't ever got them all and I don't intend in doing so, but I have some Pkm that belonged to friends, who I lost contact with and also from my father. I of course won't fall on the scam but it's a shame I have to abandone these friends.

Also it bothers me these commercials where they are showing the "evolution" of Pkm games and literally half of the Pokemon shown on it aren't in the game xD.

| >>606194 I also feel that "God knows there are too many Pokemon" like it should be good, they could sell the game because there are more than thousand not because Maractarus can live in Galar but Ursaring not xD

Of course one day they'll sell a game saying this, and they'll gain claps from regular fans as if nothing was from.

O wait, that's Pokemon Go.

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>might lose Pokemon I got from friends and my father
Oh wow, yeah that's tough. At least you'll still have them in the older console.

| I wouldn't mind them cutting pokemons if this game was a way bigger jump from the older ones, but it still feels like it could be a 3ds game

| >>606326 exactly

Also I recently discovered there will be no Day-Night Cycle (for me is kind of a basic I can't live without, I love to take walks on Pokemon games) and it will change with you moving between zones but Pokemon evolution will still depend on your system's clock which makes zero sense.

| >>606368 aaprently is a review copy problem

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