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A lost newfrend.

| I need help. I downloaded a..well, what I thought to be was an Android unofficial port of ValHa and now I'm in this..place.

¿I dont know what to do because of my autismo¿

Send help!!!

| Hi new g/u/rl

| Have I tried turning yourself off and on again?

| welcome
this is a comfy textboard, think of 4chan but without images and autism, just post whatever you want as long its related to the boards, /u/ is basically the main one with /cyb/ being for roleplay and /v/ for anything vidya, hope you enjoy this place.

| Oh,so I'm safe then. I thought I was being recruited by the ISIS.

Yep, this is a comfy place indeed.

| >>606096 are you a g/u/rl or a g/u/y? if g/u/y then please provide dicc picc so we can confirm your claim

| >>606096
Yeah, you'll be alright. We've got a few ISIS members but we don't allow them to recruit here.

My personal favourite boards here are /u/, /d/ and /v/. I used to main /cyb/ but it's been a little shit recently (in my opinion). /cyb/ is the comfiest board of them all if you manage to get into it though.

Hope you enjoy this weeb filled, slightly cancerous, odly wholesome place.

| Sorry for your lost.

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This thread is permanently archived