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Dark Souls

| I started playing Dark Souls Remastered on Switch, like, two days ago, and I honestly didn't expect it to be so good. I feel like the difficulty is kind of overhyped, it's challenging for sure but it's mostly just trial, error and discipline.

I love the game, at least for now (I defeated the Gargoyles at the church and just got to the demon thing in the little assassin town), and I want to know you g/u/rls opinions on the game.

| It taught me how to be caring to others around me.

| Loved the aesthetic but the game didn't click with me. I keep getting lost and it's giving me a headache.

Probably just a mental problem I have with 3D games though, since I love Hollow Knight to bits. Bit of a shame.

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I absolutely love Hollow Knight as well. I wouldn't compare them that easil though. Game design wise Hollow Knight has borrowed a lot of things from Dark Souls, but that's it. Gameplay wise they are extremely different.

| I like the music in firelink shrine and ashen lake. World design is rather organic, you don't need to use teleportation to get to most of the places. I love this kind of world design.

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Yeah! The world design is incredible. Everything is connected so perfectly! I feel like I'm legit about to orgasm when I find new shortcuts and stuff that are just so perfectly and cleverly placed and how no place is really empty. They don't waste space at all and it makes the game so good.

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Yeah, world design in DkS1 is a beauty to behold. Shame that 2 and 3 don't feel like that at all.

| To be fair, most people who hype up Dark Souls' difficulty aren't used to its degree of punishment despite how simple combat actually is. It came out during a time when more companies were selling out to casuals.

That doesn't make DS any less special. The atmosphere and world building is what helps set the franchise apart.

| Better than Bloodborne and I like DS 2 more than 3 pls I can't be the only one

| >>606110 you are not the only one

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I agree. I feel like when people saw Dark Souls for the first time they were expecting it to be closer to something like Assassin's Creed in it's combat and difficulty. I feel like most games had very forgiving difficulty. I showed the game to a friend of mine recently who has surprisingly never seen any of the souls games, and he immediately started comparing it to different Elder Scrolls games and AC. If that's what they expected I can see why they found it so difficult.

| Holy shit! I just came to Blighttown and I'm nerding out so fucking hard over the level design of this game! They haven't wasted a single fucking centimetre of space! Everything connects to everything else even though there's so many completely different areas! The world is so compact, but it still feels big! If I ever get to meet the level/world designer(s) of Dark Souls I will gladly pleasure them in any way I can even if I take no pleasure from it.

| I'm always kind of jealous whenever you people say you love the world design in Dark Souls. I have terrible sense of space and I constantly get lost in the game. It wasn't fun

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Really? How far did you play?

| I tried really hard to like dark souls but I just can't. Gave it 3 separate chances in 3 years and I still couldn't get it.

I have the prepare to die edition. I play all games with mouse & keyboard, even WWE games I managed to play it with keyboard only. But dark souls... I just can't. Also the button prompt are all wrong.

Plus, it is really dark, barely can see anything indoors. A lighting setting would be great, I don't want to change my monitor brightness setting for one game.

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It has brightness settings my dude. I recommend opening the settings menu. The game definitely isn't for everyone though.

| >>606264 either it was broken or the max setting is still to dark for me. I tweaked the controls and graphics setting a lot before I gave up.

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Huh. I guess not having to care about settings is the benefit of maining consoles. The control settings probably shouldn't be fucked with though. The controls are kinda unusual no matter what you play it on. It's better to just get used to it than to accidentally fuck it up completely.

| Even if you turned the brightness level to max, the game will still looks kind of dark and muddy in some areas. In my words the game's main color theme is puke green mix with diarrhea brown.
Still better than all those blue tinted/overly desaturated color theme in lots of modern games imo.

| >>606300 I mean yea most of the areas are going to be like that cause they are designed to be gloomy, morbid areas

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Right. It fits the atmosphere well.

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