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Discussing Streaming-Chan

| Yes, ik, it's like Va-11 Hall-A Thread cosplay, but, c'mon, we're discussing everything embarrassing what Streaming-Chan done.

| ...what

| Ok.. you start op

| Lets start from this: When she drinked too much of booze, she tried to guess Jill's bust size. Yep, thats classic.

| I dunno, on which website she streamed. Maybe on ShiningFingered.moe, i guess. Because on yt she'll be banned for sexual reference on streams, and pornhub here is not exists.

| Yep, i said about pornhub when NNN is still going. What an irony, op is asshole

| 88888

| Streaming chan is what happen when you let pokemon trainers age.

| You're right, she looks like kinky pokemon trainer.

| Next part. Drinks. I mean, Bad Touch.
She expected, what that drink will look like White thick liquid. Like man's bazooka Juice!

| Dammit, again NNN reference... You already know, what op is asshole, right? So. Op is asshole.

| Or. Streaming Chan expected, what vessel for that drink will be in shape of dildo.

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This thread is permanently archived