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Thoughts and feelings on Living Dead in FFXIV

| I know most people hate it; I hate it too, honestly. I just wanted to see if anyone liked it/thought it fit with the Dark Knight's identity.

| No clue, but I am going to try out the game for the first time. Any important information I should know before starting?

| I will be trying out the free trial version.

| It sounds cool in concept but in reality is just a shittier version of holmgang that puts pressure on the healer. Ther are honestly more ways they could improve it

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Agreed. I thought it sounded cool the first time I heard what it did, until I re-read the description and saw how hard it is on healers. I personally think the best way to improve it while keeping the ability in the game is to give the Dark Knight life steal on every damage dealing ability. Maybe give back a version of blood price, as well, that gave some life back while taking damage. Actually, the blood price part might be overkill, but maybe a few number tweeks can fix.

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As someone who's played the game since ARR, getting past how slow the game is at the beginning is gonna be rough, but I believe it's worth it for how fun it gets later on. As for those level up pots you can buy, I don't recommend them unless you have a friend or three that can help you understand your role/roles better. I think watching videos can only get you so far without actually doing the actions.

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