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Remember Remember the Fifth of November... Dorothy's Birthday!

| I almost forgot!

| Oh no. Oh no. Dorothy, the loli prostitute, has the same birthday as my little sister? This doesn't bode well for her.

| Well, first of all, I would say happy birthday to her, but that would come as weird, considering the nature of this board and thread, and would be hard to explain who are those internet people are without sounding like a weirdo.

Second, there are far worse dates. All those people who eat weed cakes on 4/20 have to share it with Hitler.

At worst, Becky will talk about her successful removal of a lightbulb from a grown man's ass in public.

| Ever heard of the Pigeonhole Principle? Basically, if you have two holes and three pigeons, a hole has to be shared.

Considering leap years, you need 367 people in a room to be sure that two of them share birthdays. Your sister and Dorothy happen to be those two.

If you divide phases between toddler, kid, teen, adult and human raisin, there are 15 combos. Your sister is probably a kid or a teen, so that's 2 out of 15 female-female combos. Tumblr genders skyrocket this to infinity

| >>605575
Also columbine my dude

| >>605579

| >>605586 Oh. Well, something new to learn today. Being the other kind of american, you only hear about the shooting, but not the date.

A last one. Humans have lots of hairs, around 100,000 according to the internet. NYC is a big city [citation needed], with far more people than 100,000.

This means that there are lots of people in NYC, besides bald people, who have the exact same amount of hairs.

That's maths for you... Or was it math in the states? Can't Remember Remember the...

| >Adopting Dorothy and celebrating her birthday with a cream pie and candles in a comfy loving house

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That sounds incredible.

| >>605631
That sounds like heaven,,

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This thread is permanently archived