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Leag/u/e of legends

| I don't have many friends to enjoy urf,busy fags. so if anyone's interested please send me a request :<
DareDuck EUNE
Also what's your thoughts on the recent reveals? I'm glad lucian is getting his waif/u/ back
Also fy mdo

| I like the new stuff. Senna looks interesting and I already like true damage more than k/da.

Have you tried hail of blades crit bard yet? It's fun as shit once you get to your first IE.

In case you want to try it:
Rush rapid fire, berzerk boots and from there on out at least 3 IE. Just smack the shit out of squishy people with 2-3 aa in less than half a second.
Just make sure to kill them before they kill you.
I had 20+ kills in most games

| this new "old" urf is honestly frustrating to play solo

| >>605386 holy fuck i wasn't expecting this shit, lost the game though but hell imma try it again.
>>605408 exactly :(. The ar one is frustrating either ways lol

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This thread is permanently archived