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Why is becoming a shitty game company the current trend

| Blizard, Bethesda, and Ubisoft used to be cool not even joking

| aaa game companies have always been shitty, in general multi million dollar companies being shitty is nothing new lol

| >>605028 doubt

| Don't know how to feel about saying Ubisoft but not EA wtf.
Ubisoft used to be more shitty, lately they have shown they are on the neutral category and the only big company that risks to still give free games. (EA giving Sims 4 doesn't count as probably they have in mind people would spend money on the DLCs or else having just base Sims 4 you can't even mod much, it's like a Demo)

Nintendo have become more greedy over the years and it should be mentioned too.

| Money corrupts. The more they earn, the more they want. Microtranasctions, collectible towers samey bullshit to get more money for less effort, no regional pricing, hoping people in poorer countries will pay full price just cause hype, cutting original voiceovers out so that noone would use vpn to buy regionally priced game of a poorer region (when it's on), going over same IPs just to get more money, leaving bugs in cause whatever, crucial content as dlcs.

And it just works.

| Nintendo corrupted 20 years ago and people are still losing their shit over repetitive child games and toys for consoles they make.

| The first reason is simply because shitty games (the ones with live service, microtransactions, and enormous licensing & marketing budget) make more money. Just look at sport games; NBA, FIFA, WWE 2k20. Despite almost everyone and their mother is shitting on it, people are still buying it. If a mobile game can fish up a single whale that spends tens of thousand of dollars, you better bet these AAA can do it too. At that point, 1 whale can cover several thousand of game sales.

| Secondly, because of the size. It's no longer one person, or ten person in a team. It's about hundreds of employees. When you are indie, you can simply eat ramen until your game is released; but when you have hundreds of employees that need to be paid on time, a large amount of cash reserve is needed. As the result, you hype the game more to get more money from investor, to the point that no amount of money in the is enough to satisfy the shareholders.

| too many cooks spoil the broth

| >>605095
What happened 20 years ago?

| >>605196
they realised that it's possible to milk the money out of the old custumers.

| I think gamers are just far more perceptive, movies are the same way but the majority doesn't care.

Difference is we shout more and people listen. Also capitalism bad, blah blah blah.

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...but what happened exactly

| Honestly I am excited for gaming now.. The monster companies are dying and people are beginning to give indies a try.

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that's a good positive take on all of this tbh

| >>605095
idk, I find most of what they do totally acceptable

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Aside from Nintendo getting more greedy, I agree with this. Compared to all AAA companies, Nintendo seems to be one of the better ones. Sure, the mobile stuff is greedy af, and sure, they sometimes release the same game with slight changes as sequels like in the Mario franchise, but overall they are doing a pretty good job. A lot of great games, Handheld consoles instead of just stationary ones, hell, they even stepped into indie territory and got lots of great games

| And jumping onto the online subscription model just like sony did years ago after Microsoft started all of that. With free games sprinkled on top to make it seem at least worth something.
Cant tell me they did that to cover "extensive server costs". They could easily pay such a fee themselfes, but why not let the consumer do that? Give them some old games that dont produce revenue anymore as a digital copy "for free" and everyone wins! (games only work while subscribed of course)

| In nintendos defense though, their pricing is quite affordable compared to the others. So there's that.
But playing online is a service i think should be free of charge nonetheless. Except for the "free" games, that could be a monthly subscription model by itself. Just like the Humble Store did it. Best of all without the need to stay subscribed to play them...

| I thought nintendo's biggest bullshit was taking down fan games and fan art

| Nothing nintendo makes good but somehow they get away with it. Their fear of failing led them to insanity since they founded. They just can't stop making another super zeldamon kart game slightly different from the old one that they made a year ago.
I also find their hardware pitiful for taday's standards. Handhelds are illogical since we are all carrying supercomputers in our pockets which can send messages. Nintendo made a low res tablet and a hunk of plastic to connect it to TV.

| It's not like (most) games from their franchises are barely different from each other. Sure, Mario or Mario kart are often barely different, but Pokemon? Zelda? Before you start hating you should first understand what sequels are. And where exactly did you get the whole "fear of failing" and "insanity" from?

| Pitiful hardware? Right. Try to get Witcher 3/Doom/Skyrim/Modern nintendo- or even any of the good indie games to work on your supercomputers "which can send messages" (is that the only thing they can do?)
I don't see why handhelds would be illogical. Especially since playing anything on mobiles feels like shit and is way too finnicky because there's no buttons or joysticks.
Ever played the same game on mobile and console to compare how it feels? You definitely should.

| I respect that you don't like any of Nintendo's games, but please don't hate on things that you have no experience and information on.

| >>605244 They can reenact what happened to the indie dev Alec Holowka to weaponize false rape accusations though. Just select a woman like Zoe Quinn and #Metoo them out of nowhere lmao

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