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just bought monhun world

| never look into it or research before hand to keep myself from going mental. but now i can play it. what should i be looking forward to and wtf is weapon's sharpness?

| Is the world flat or round?

| Weapon sharpness is the condition of the weapon. The lower it is the more full the weapon will be so it will do a lot less damaged. I also have monster Hunter world and I have not reached very far so let me know if you want to play sometime.

| The more full the weapon is* damn auto correct and predictive tex.

| >>604827 world is a donut shape you d-d-dummy!

>>604843 silly me just figure that out by reading a loading screen, thank you for telling me anyway :3. i'm in asia tho. is that fine?

| Crafting your own weapons and armor. It's really rewarding when you're armed with gear made from the monsters you killed.

And it's not a mindless grind either. You actually have to put thought and effort into your movesets. It's an action game, after all.

| >>604873 yeah that's fine just let me know when you want to play and my steam I'd is worldsprotagonist if you want to add me

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This thread is permanently archived