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I love the current bethesda drama

| Game's broken but somehow it has an active community and people are buying their subscription service after saying they are against it mmmwah noice.

| This about Fallout 76?

| Yeah, Fallout 76 released a $100 subscription service. It advertised private servers and junk, but barely anything works as advertised. People are buying it anyway though, as always.


| i still wonder that my friend like the game because it's fun or he's just never a good game and assume AAA company's game to be a fucking masterpiece every time

| >>603974 I'll tell you my experience, maybe it'll give you some insight to your friend

Didn't buy at launch because it was a shitshow, then before nuclear winter update (br) they did a free week, I thought fuck it everyone hates this game I'll download it and see what all the fuss is about.

I played that week and actually enjoyed it, personally the new player experience was pretty good, old players were coming back and we're happy to have new people so they were giving things 1/?

| To the new players from the trial. The gameplay is "fallout 4 but" if that makes sense, I like how weapons are leveled so if you want to use a pipe gun at Max level you can, I personally missed weapon degradation from 3/nv so having that back was nice but I was disappointed there was no jamming, you can actually wear costumes over your armor now so my character doesn't look like ass.

But the most important thing is the gameplay loop is the same as fo4 but streamlined, 2/?

| That being, explore, combat, loot, repeat.

There's a couple of "main quests" that take you around the whole map, and when you enter an area the game just gives you a quest most of the time, so you aren't hunting for quest givers.

People hated that there wasn't human NPCs and dialogue trees but compared to fo4 where it's mostly (yes) (no[but yes]) (joke [loop back]) and (maybe [yes]) for dialogue options it just removed the illusion of choice you didn't have 3/?

| I also liked the leveling a little more than fo4 but I still miss the old fallout leveling system, it's a big map but there's generally something to find anywhere, when I was new I just wandered around until I saw something on the compass and headed towards it.

There's a handful of quests that are pretty good, biv is a robobrain who is perpetually drunk

Overall, games ok by itself, buggy and half finished but I payed like $20 for it, and I think it was worth about that

| Mtx has issues though, Beth wanted players to be about to earn the cosmetic things in the shop, butt didn't make it to currency's, I've one atom is one cent usd, and I think I've got 3000 atom without buying any, just from challenges and stuff. So anyone who plays has a good chunk of the stuff, meaning if Beth wants to make money on cosmetic items they need to make it cost more than the average player has, or make a bunch of really cool skins all at once, they choose the former

| So we got $25 packs with skins that are exclusive to that pack, then repair kits that are 50 atom ea, (I think this was to try and get players to spend their atom so they'd have to buy atom for the skins but that's stupid) then scrap kits, and now this subscription for objectively p2w stuff, because no one is willing to pay $8 for power armor paints that were in fallout 4.

| >>604046 I'm sorry I didn't proof read that and I used Swype so it should be

but didn't make it two currencies*

And remove the "I've" from "one atom is one cent"

| >>22eb9b
Does this game being an MMO contributes anything? I heard you get dropped into a random server each time you play, so there's low chance of meeting the same person again. Is there even enough person playing to meet another person?

| >>604136 in the normal game mode players show up on the map so you can go out of your way to meet people, and some events have good rewards, like uranium fever, so you'll definitely meet some people, but I'd say most people I meet don't have/use a mic, though that might be because I was intentionally playing solo and not really talking to people, so most interactions were just the wave, thumbs up, and come here emotes with the occasional heart

| You can add people to your friends list and choose to join the server they're on as well, so it's not like the game prevents you from making friends, and joining up to take down the scorch beast queen can be fun.

| I'm hearing that the regular players are starting to form a mob to attack the Fallout 1st subscribers. This just gets better and better

| Attack subscribers, so it's like victim shaming kind of deal? I just think instead of attacking subscribers they should team up and attack Bethesda, like some sort of legal action against it or something...

| >>604370
It's more because the subscribers get some gameplay-enhancing gears and such? Dunno, I'm just eating popcorn from the sidelines here.

| Can't say I've heard that one but there were players picketing in front of vault 76 with the in game protest signs

| >>604372 subscribers are promised with stuff like extra storage and private server. But beth being beth, the private server is still accessible by people from your friendlist, even if they haven't been invited. Also the extra storage eats up the item.

So, fallout 69, a buggy broken mess of a game, after breaking their promises about not selling pay2win microtransactions items, is now selling a subscription service for a buggy and broken features.

| Taking them to court won't be successful, as we seen in no man sky's case and beth's canvas/nylon bag case, it is really hard to win this kind of cases.

Now, I don't advocate people to attack subscribers who keeps giving beth money for their incompetence, but if they give beth money and recieve broken features, I think it's 90% their fault for keep enabling shitty game practices.

| Some people who is angrily atacking beth now is beth's fans who wants to play good beth games and can no longer accept the garbage that beth has pulled this recent years. They see that their only way to make beth back is by also advocating other people to stop giving beth money.

| Honestly the funniest thing is seeing that non-1st members ganging up and ganking 1st members

| You are getting it all wrong. They are letting you down in order to out of the blue release Skyrim remastered and amaze you all becsuse Beth knows you love Skyrim.


| People seems to forget that if you don't escalate things and be really angry towards shit that game industry try to pull, it will be normalized.

Just look at fighting games, is there any non indie fighting games which is released in recent years that don't lock characters behind DLC? It used to be that you beat the game to unlock new characters, now you have to pay for them. And because everyone goes "it's just 5$", now it is normalized.

| When a new popular fighting game franchise get released, everyone will expect that there will be DLC characters, day 1 season pass, and even worse, multiple season passess.

The same goes with DLC galore. Everyone didn't raise that much of a fuss when games introduces DLCs because "it's just extra costumes!" And now look at koei tecmo games like DOA or Dynasty Warriors. They dumb down the weapon and cut the content so that they can sell it to you after you pay for the game.

| Beth already normalize releasing buggy games and relying on modders to fix it (plus, they'll try to profit from the mods later), to the point thay if you complaim about bugs in Beth games, people will laugh at you. And Now, they are trying to normalize charging extra fee for buggy and broken features after you pay full price for the game; the outrage about fallout first, is simply to prevent that shit to be normalized.

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