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What are you playing?

| I've been playing mostly Destiny 2. Not done with The Witcher 3 yet. I've been on and off while pacing myself with each quest arc.

How about you g/u/rls?

| My second Fire Emblem Three Houses playthrough, on Maddening difficulty this time. Once I get past the initial hurdles, this is way more fun than on easier difficulties.

| My friends and I are on the Smash Melee grind. It's a very time-consuming process, and everytime I play with them they get mad, so I only play every so often.

| Smash Ultimate, and I just played some CS:GO for the first time in a while, and will probably be playing more of that. I'm also planning on either finishing Hollow Knight or starting on the DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

| I haven't gotten past the day where you have to pay rent in va11halla... Currently I'm playing the end of astral chain; I can't bring myself to play the final chapter before completing every single achievement beforehand.

| Right now I'm playing Trails of Cold Steel. It's VERY anime but pretty entertaining so far.

| pokemon leaf green, all the mods 3 modpack for minecraft, shadow of war, and jak 2

| Trying to continue playing Atelier Rorona, instead just end up playing League of Legends or WH40k.

| >>603041
That's funny I started Trails in the Sky just a little while ago. I'm on SC right now.

| Crosscode, disgaea 5, Celeste,... And sometimes go to Terraria.

| Noita, Starbound and the everpresent NS2.

| Mgs5

| Replaying fallout new vegas because I'm hyped as fuck for the outer worlds

| >>603102 oo I love Celeste. I'm bad at platformers but it feels so good to play. I'm replaying one of the levels' B Side

| noita and Insurgency Sandstorm
Mudrunner and Goose Game in backup

| Maplestory

| >>603492 Should I KMS or nah?

| Mostly CS:GO and Sekiro.

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This thread is permanently archived