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Some points on what a game should strive for

| Now we are short on threads, so here I go. This might take a while to write in a phone.

-Fun: The minimum requisite to compete in the market

-Quality: Rhythm games need good music, puzzle games need good puzzles

-Sequels, transcendency and fanbase: You can create games that can have sequels, a game so good but with no sequel that creates spiritual successors, or a loyal fanbase that creates games about your brand. >This one is a bit more complex and would need it's own post.

| -Influence: To me, the most important one, but one of the non strictly neccesary as a game. Games should be able to change your way of thinking.

>My teacher also proposed a couple points

-Originality: Basically, if you are gonna make a game, don't make a clone. Kind of enters in conflict with a thing I didn't write in Transcendency. When a brand takes the place of the product. FPS being called Doom-clones. The Rogue genre being named after Rogue.

-Addictivity: Time spent on game

| That's it. Feel free to expand some points with your opinions, or add yours. I'm a bit tired right now.

Anything beyond here is "I love sex territory", be careful.


| -Choice: The specialty of this media

I've always loved RPGs more than other genres because it makes a point out of giving you choice and caring for it, but every game should give you choices in even mundane things, like "how do I want to go about combat?" or "are there other ways of solving this puzzle?"

| The originality points fall appart when you see chinese mobile games thriving by copying existing popular games. Or how PUBG and fortnite copied H1Z1

| Not sure about anyone else, but "Addictivity" is something I absolutely hate in a game. A game should respect my time. It should only take as much time as it needs.

Obviously different games have different needs. An arcade game that's meant to be played over and over again will easily rack up more playtime than, say, a 2-hour story-centric game. It depends on how much of those hour is worth it.

| A game should strive for making me happy and catering to my preferences

| I love sex.

| >>602816 Same here. Not to mention different people will be addicted to different things in games. Grinding can be addicting, replaying a level to hone skills can be addicting, but not everyone enjoys both.

| I feel like games these days focus on how much the game and do and not as much of what the game is to the people

| Can* onglesh

| Nobody mentioned audiovisual, wich is wierd. For me it's one of the most important points in games.

| >>cbacef I feel like a good audio should not be visible and only to enhance the scene. You should only notice the sound when you tried to listen to it.

| >>603301
As a gurl who uses music to focus, I actually have huge problem with games that only use ambient bgm. Like, I can never be bothered to finish them or something.

Like, say, I don't think I enjoy Zelda Breath of the Wild very much just because of this.

| Games need to make me masturbate, and make me attracted to the characters enough to where I would wish they were a real life character to have be having that nasty of a time with.

And that is the reason why Plants vs. Zombies is really good game to me.

| For me, the gameplay and the story should be linked in a way that you're able to communicate the story with it, or at least the raw feelings

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