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Metroidvania platforms

| So, I've recently completed that little masterpiece called Axiom Verge, and I really need a new metroidvania to play on pc. Any advice?

| Hollow Knight. It's by far the best Metroidvania I've ever played. It's incredible.

| Iconoclasts! It's more story-centric than most, and it's doesn't have as much of that metroidvania backtracking thing, but it's good.

| OP here.
>>602040 I already knew Hollow Knight and idk, I didn't like it that much
>>602064 Thank you! I'll give it a try

| Play...
Environmental Station Alpha
Cave Story
Knytt Stories
Knytt Underground
Within a Deep Forest

| >>602111 Already played AM2R, I'm a big Metroid fan. But I didn't know all the other ones, thanks!

| >>602151
Hey, if you're going to play Cave Story, please pick up the original freeware version instead of the version on Steam or consoles. You can still get it at cavestory.org

The publisher on Steam/consoles did a lot of sleazy things and basically stole the game from its creator. Please don't support them

| >>602206 Thank you, I really care about giving credits (and eventually money) to the creators. Seems like a lot of people understimate how this is important

| Megaman Zero! You'll have to emumate it, and it's a fantastic series.

| >>602319
Fuck. Now I've got a picture of emus mating stuck in my head.

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This thread is permanently archived