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WTF is happening to fortnite?

| >They tweet "this is the end"
>Nukes all tweets
>Starts livestreaming something
They didn't even finish the main game, no way they are killing it.

| Well just assuming that they are adding a brand new map since this island has gone pretty fucked up compared to the first season.
Pretty sure the new map is gonna bring a lot of people back into it again

| I really hope they just do a hard fucking reset on that game. Completely new map, removing the fucking mechs and dumb ass weapons and bringing it back to the basics with a few adjustments would definitely get me back in there.

| Super Apex legends copy update complete with new map and some new "features" like drones or robots...

| End of life?

| Sounds like a fortifying defeat for this nite.

| >>602071 Unfortnitely.

| >>602081 Fortnite is just Minecraft with guns, because this livestream of a black hole void sure is The End.

| Chapter 2 is here!

| >made me actually care about fornite for one whole minute

Well played, OP

| Just some marketing bullshit.

| Just played through my first three matches and got a victory royale, I found it weird that I got it that easily since the past seasons were much harder. turns out they fucking added AI bots that are just as dumb as the ones from COD Mobile.

thanks for devaluing victory royales now i cant measure my dick anymore

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This thread is permanently archived