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possession game recommendations?

| Basically, I'm looking for games that let you possess enemies / people. Geist is a really big example of what I'm talking about, and I was wondering if you g/u/rls have any games similar to that, thankies!

| Haunt the House is a really good one. You don't really posses people though, you posses everything else in order to svare people. It's very cutesy and relaxing.

There's also Super Mario Odyssey. Other than that I'm not really sure though. I feel like I can vaguely remember seeing a game where you possessed people in an FPS or something, but I'm not sure.

| nice, I'll try and check out Haunt the House, it sounds pretty fun, thanks.

| >>602049
Np. Been many years since I played it, but I remember it being pretty fun.

| Does Ghost Trick count if you possess objects? It's a damn good game
Also, in Why Am I Dead At Sea you solve the protag's murder by possessing ppl

| >>602006 Maybe you remember about Super Hot? I know it sounds like porn, but it's actually a good action/fps. One of its core mechanics is possessing your enemies, so yeah,>>602000, absolutely recommended

| >>602200
Superhot is fucking excellent! I love that game so much. I backed the Kickstarter for both the original game and the card game. That's not at all what I was thinking about though, and I wouldn't call it a core mechanic.

That mechanic is introduced halfway through the game or something, and the game isn't super long. Of course in the endless modes and stuff it's a constant mechanic, so if OP is willing to wait 2-3 hours to get the mechanic then Superhot is perfect.

| The third birthday

| >The 3rd Birthday
I mean, it DOES have possession mechanics

Reminder that it's not really good but still interesting to check out

| Try driver sans fransisco where you drive a car and you can possess other drivers and crash their cars into cops during a chase to assist your escape or block roads to win a race.

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This thread is permanently archived