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Is it wise to get a high end gpu?

| All I want is to play minecraft with shaders at 120fps

| I'm looking at rtx2060super btw

| change of question: what do you use high end gpu for (assuming you don't have a 4K / 144hz screen)

| Use it to simulate microparticle physics

| I've always thought that minecraft's performance is closer tied to your CPU than GPU. But hey, I haven't played minecraft in 3 years and I didn't play around with mods and shaders.

| It is cheaper to connect your vape to your GPU to get the result you need.

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The shaders runs on the GPU.

When upgrading PC components for gaming purposes it's better to have a good GPU in a mediocre PC than vice versa.

Unless of course you're into a very CPU heavy game but those are rarely made nowadays.

| >>601879 well, that's the advice that I followed brfore I build my PC. But then after building it, I ended up playing a lot of games using emulators. So yeah, I should have picked a better CPU.

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Just out of curiosity what kind of systems were you emulating?

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Graphics, video editing and 3D modeling are probably the most common uses.

Also if you play online shooters it's better to have a high FPS even if your screen is only 60Hz.

FPS is the number of frames per second the software is processing while Hz is the rate at which the hardware in the monitor is refreshing the display. They are two independent functions and you will see a difference in animation quality and your ability to hit targets in motion with more FPS.

| >>601936 I bought my PC at 2016 and my friends suggested me to get an i5. I asked do I need i7, and she said that I won't need that unless I plan to render a lot of videos or lifestreams.

I Emulated 3ds at 2016, tried to emulate SMT IV. It ran at 17-22fps, managed to beat it, though. Now in 2019, the same PC can run the same game at higher than 30fps.

I Also tried to emulate Yakuza 3 on rpcs3 on 2017. 3-5 FPS made me give up, good thing yakuza 0 released on PC like a year later.

| op here. I already got the cpu covered with an i7 8700. not unlocked tho because i didn't know they locked overclocking (wtf??)

>>601937 thanks for the information. i think I'll get the better gpu after all. my other choice was the 1660 but I don't think it can handle many modern games. I'm also interested in video encoding as well so there's that.

| >>601944 that's interesting..? now I'm curious how my pc will perform at emulation. thinking of trying out the bleeding edge switch emu and some 3ds

| >>601953 it should run 3ds games with ease, of course excluding some games that are still unoptimized. Just check the compatibility list.

No idea about yuzu/switch emulator, I haven't tried it.

Oh, I finished SMT IV at around 2017 btw, I remembered it wrong.

Most people that do emulation tests use ryzen nowadays, maybe because all those extra threads and cores.

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