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Good mobile rpg?

| Are there any? I really enjoyed FF Tactics Advanced tbh.

| Well, there's a mobile port of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Or you could emulate FFTA, or even FFTA2, or some Tactics Ogre games.

| Wow, I didn't know that! Awesome, thanks. Gonna look into the mobile port. Tactics ogre also seems super neat, thank you!

| There's even a psp version of tactics ogre. GG! Awesome. <3

| For Android there are
1) native titles:
- Shattered Pixel dungeon
- Andors trail
2) a SCUMM simulator, which let you play SCUMM based point & click adventures. Some examples;
- monkey island 1-3
- day of the tentacle
- leisure suite larry
3) Nesoid:enables you playing NES ROMs
4) PPSSPP: enables you to play psp ROMs
5) Dolphin: enables you to play Gamecube and Wii ROMs
6) hardcore method: run arcade or windows games via mame or wine using a small distro with "AnLinux" app.

| The Shadow Sun and The 9th Dawn are both a paid but cheap RPG which I recommend checking out

| Most of the Dragon Quest games have been ported to mobile, and they're really fucking good games, so those.

| Triglav, Zenonia 1&2 or maybe all the way up to 5 if you like it haha, buriedbornes (not a rpg but fun), Aurum blade ex, demon souls, dot quest, steel illusion: chrome wolf, band of monster, secret of Mana, Legend of Ixtona (similar to ff tactics), Blazing souls accelerate ( you could also just emulate the psp game), Eve of Genesis ( made by Kemco..), mercenaries saga 1 and 2 ( very much like ff tactics) and Rusted Emeth (also made by kemco).

| PPSSPP and emulate Disgaea. If you get hooked up, you might play it for more than 100 hours.

| >>601781
Man, Disgaea is... Something else. But it's VERY niche, IMO. Just grind on top of grind on top of horse wiener jokes on top of more grind.

| >>601784 Well, I've only beaten 2 disgaea games, but IMO if we are talking about the main game, then you should not grind unless you are just stuck and can't progress the story. Yes, you can grind to the point that you can 1 shot the story final boss, but where's the fun and strategy in that?

I remember when I accidentally let my main damage dealers got killed in Disgaea 2. All my other characters are underleveled because I mainly only kill using those 2.

| What I did next is to send out my thief and underleveled guys to slowly clear the stage. Yes, I could just quit and restart, but disgaea made it possible to kill lv 60 enemies with 2-3 lv 30 characters using throws, combos, and ailments.

Plus, grinding before you finish the main story is pretty inefficient. It will take you 30 mins to grind out, what? 20 levels? While if you know where to grind and what method to use, you'can get hundreds of levels in 5 mins.

| If we are talking about post game, then yeah; it is just grinding to minmax your stats. But hey, post games are usually only for people that want more after they finish the game, and disgaea provides more than just what you want.

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