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Recommended games with war stories?

| By that, I mean where it focuses more on the drama, conflict, and politics instead of the generic "save the world" plot.

I really miss Tactics Ogre, and I was happy with Valkyria Chronicles 4.

I have a PS4, Switch, and PC

| Did you ever play This War Of Mine?

It seems to be exactly what you're looking for.

| Fire Emblem. Any of them. They do have a lot of anime elements (fighting a Great Evil with Friendship etc), but war and political drama is a large part of it.

Three Houses is on Switch, enormous, and will def tick that Tactic Ogre/VC box. Most of the older ones have Eng patch and playable on emulators.

(just don't touch FE Fates)

| >>601610 I play Fire Emblem, but none of them are what I consider good when it comes to war and politics. Not even Three Houses, it actually fell pretty short despite some good ideas. (also, too late, I already touched Fates and it's my favorite game despite not being a good war drama either)

| >>601603 I love This War of Mine! I played it so much on PC, that double dipping on Switch was a no brainer. It's depressing, sure, but it's also rewarding and engaging to replay.

| Valiant Hearts: The Great War is THE war drama game for me. It's more about the characters and the shit they go through during the war than it is about global conflict and politics, but it is AMAZING at what it does.

| >>601620

| >>601620 that one is set during World War I, right? I do have an interest in that part of history.

| >drama, conflict, and politics
Spec Ops: The Line, hands down

though don't expect groundbreaking gameplay. the story more than makes up for it tho

| Plants vs. zombies is the best war story ever writtened.

| The whole Warcraft series.

| The whole starcraft series.

| The whole Minecraft series.

| >>601620
Valiant Hearts is awesome. This War of Mine is pretty cool too, but there you kind of make the story and it's focused only on the common survivor. Not really factions, politics or big fights.

| I never played it but maybe you should take a look at Divinity Dragon Commander. It's high fantasy but you have to juggle alliances and stuff in RPG like dialogue trees with other factions commanders.

You may also want to check out King of Dragon Pass.

| Radio Commander is also good and unique.

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