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What games are you currently playing?

| anything, whether long term like MMOs or single player campaigns.

| >>601152 what about you OP?

| Probably had more philosophical thoughts about games than games played in the last month. Like 8 or so points on what a game shoule strive for. Might post if we are low on threads.

As for games... Vicroria II, in order to do a better job than my country at running a country. My third world country used chlorine on the chinese, so you know I did a good job.

| Trying to continue playing Atelier Rorona.
Also trying to get into any GBA/DS/PSP Harvest Moon.
Also waiting for Mistover's release tomorrow.

| I'm replaying Bastion. It's just as good as I remember it, tho Supergiant must have learned a lot from it when they made Transistor. Kinda wish I can play it for the first time again.

| >>601161
OP here, I'm mainly playing destiny 2 and started the first surge.

I love the narrator in bastion.

| I'm working on Celeste. Don't think I can get all the golden strawberries but I'm going for everything else.

| New leaf
P3P on and off
've just dropped wh combat cards

| I'm currently just playing all kind of Rhythm Games

| I'm playing Bastion, SSBU, Fantasy Strike and Dragon Quest III.

| I've been playing Noita lately and it's so good.

| Destiny 2, Downwell, and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest! :D

| I've been really addicted for weeks just playing VRChat in desktop mode.

| I tried to get into vrchat but I keep getting jealous when I see people using their arms and tilting their heads normally and I just feel like I'm not getting the full experience.
can't headpat boys in anime girl avatars sadly.

| >>601470 To me it's more of a visual chatroom than a game so I don't really feel the need for VR. It's cool to make friends from all over the world, while listening to music from the in-game video players.

| Just startee Zelda Breath of the Wild. The pacing's a bit too slow for me, but goddamn it's been a while since I was excited just for being able to ride a horse

| >>601526 I love Breath of the Wild. Despite the pace, I don't mind as long as I have sandbox mechanics to play with. I value player expression and fulfilling goals in creative ways.

| I'm playing through the Ace Attorney series on DS for the first time and I'm absolutely loving it

| Saving table table salt by playing frigging DotA 2. <3

| After I'm finished with Gravity Rush Remastered I'll probably play the second one. I'm also playing Astral Chain.

| I've been playing a bit of bloodborne and it's a lot more fun than I thought it'd be

| Currently on a Spiders binge before starting GreedFall. Gotta admit, so far Bound by Flame has been akin to CBT in terms of gameplay, but the demon shtick is pretty cool.

| Dead by daylight. Its fun.

| Started with Monster Hunter World again (but only the basegame without the dlc). Got a little too addicted and spend hundreds of hours on it in the last couple of weeks.
Still love it. With a bit of hate here and there.

Probably gonna play Yakuza Kiwami afterwards.

| >>601175
My negro. I'm beating the shit out of Russia as Japan for a region that I don't even need.

| Dark souls 3, mordhau, old school RuneScape

Elden ring waiting room

| >>601960 Argentina. Yes, it's one of the easier ones in South America, but HPM sure does turn it into a pain in the ass. Uruguay can trap you in a war against a tag that doesn't exist, which leads to command console "fun", and don't you ever dare take any chilean land unless you eradicate them from the map.

Top 8, and I still have like 10 years to turn it into a communist paradise. SeƱor Hitler will have to go to the moon.

| Daemon X Machina
Giant robots are cool.

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