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new touhou is a platformer

| now how do you like that

| didn't they release a metroidvania touhou game? they seem to be experimenting now.

| >>600850
Wasn't it essentially a doujin game?

| It .5 tho

| For context: Touhou 17.5 was just announced. It's another collab between Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier (them's behind the official fighting games).

Official page: http://tasofro.net/touhou175/index.html

Good to know ZUN's experimenting. He might be bored doing the same old danmaku thing.

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You mean Touhou Lunar Nights? No, that's fanmade. Touhou's copyrights is pretty relaxed, so you can make your own fangames with the same characters and settings and sell them.

The official games are the ones made by Team Shanghai Alice. The normal-numbered games are always bullet hell shmups. The weirdly-numbered one (like this one) are spin-offs.

| so, does spin off count as official game? in other words, is it canon or at least "higher ranked" than the fan games?

| I wanted a new fighting game wtf

| >>600930 Do the fairies shit in the woods?

| >>600930
It's canon, yeah

| >>600945
apparently, their tree houses contain toilets

| Last main branch touhou is kikeijuu which got released quite recently I believe.

| >>600945 Do fairies shit?

| it's a fighter you idiot.

| >>601030
As a fairy, I can confirm that we shit, but it's not like human shit. It's just dust that explodes from our assholes.

| >>601087 so methane gas? We need to start a fairy genocide to lower carbon emissions.

| >>601094 We will gas the gas fairies! Never fails! Except it does sometimes! Osowiec Fortress and "the attack of the dead men"!

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