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Cyberpunk 2077 - What We Can Expect

| Full Character Customization, with No Gender Limitation: pick a standard body type, then make it how you want it.
A variety of different vehicles to drive around the cyberdystopian city of Night City.
Augments that can change up how you interact with the world around you.
A city that does its best to feel alive and moving.
Keanu Reeves will be talking almost as much as you will, with the 2nd most lines.

Anything you guys are looking forward to in Cyberpunk 2077?

| Why are you having expectations?

| >>5967c0 Because CD Projekt Red doesn't have a solid history of saying "it just works" or screwing me over on Day One like some companies do.

Plus, let's face it, its a cool game concept.

| If I can kill random bystanders for fun in a cyberpunk setting without a care for the plot then I'll just love this game to bits
All else is irrelevant to me

| I know nothing about the game, until now. I just finished watching the "Cyberpunk 2077 - Deep Dive Video" on youtube, and it seems very action-packed, with deep touches on Cyberpunk accents..... seems very sandboxy, with the ability of character customization, different story arcs, class character build, and being able to interact with the environment around you at your will. I believe multiplayer will tell if it is a fun game or not. Is it co-op or head-to-head?

| I haven't watch any trailers yet, and I expect it to be cyberpunk first person of witcher 3. So yeah witcher with guns and robots Just like how fallout is skyrim with guns and nukes. I hope I am wrong.

| >>600638 Definitely wrong. Lol
You'll have freedom with how you make your character and play through missions. I say this is more comparable to Deus Ex than Witcher.

| >>600644 will we play a silent protagonist, then?

| >>600651 nope. Your character will be voiced, despite being fully customizable.

| >>600655 hm... that sounds too good to be true

| I don't think I will play the game solely because there isn't any 2d cyberpunk waifu in it. The game sure looks good though.

| >guys
This game will be a disappointment. Good thing N1RVANNA will be released.

| >>600666 How? A customizable character does not cancel out voice over.

Look at Saints Row and Mass Effect.

| Can't wait for modders to allow me to be a cool waifu

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