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I always wait out before buying games

| 1. it's cheaper on sale
2. it would have many mods and/or updates that improve the game in some way at that point

change my mind

| I was going to do it for the latest Metro game...
It was pulled out of steam and I'm not touching epic games store, should have bought it on pre-sale before it was pulled out of steam.

Also many online games become barren wastelands by the time we see even a single discount so there's that too

| Singleplayer ftw

| r/patientgamers

| 3. It will have a more truthful score as more people play and score it.
Deffo some games are okay to buy day 1. Don't remember last one I did so tho.

| I only see buying at launch worth it to either grab a limited printed copy or to support the developers.

But if neither are an issue, then yes, it's best to wait it out.

Another upside to waiting is that the hype and honeymoon phase will die down, and give room for lengthier, more critical reviews.

| >>600354 there's always the option of being Jack Sparrow for that problem, lol

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This thread is permanently archived