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"Neo Cab is a Cyberpunk Taxi Ride You Wont Want to Miss"

| "You play as a taxi driver in a near-fully auotmated city, and you're on the search for your missing friend while trying to make all the money you can"

Free game demo available.
Release Date: 3rd October
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam, itch.io, Apple Arcade.

| I've been waiting for this game and I love the demo, but early review says it only lasts four-five hours and Iiii just don't think that's worth the price. I also want it on the Switch since my PC's not a Win10, but it costs over twice as much, so.

Anyone played it yet and can convince me otherwise?

| I was expecting some Crazy Taxi indie like game :/

| Just completed the game, tbh I kind of feel that things that happened in the ending sequence don't quite work like that IRL. Keeping it spoiler-free, but just saying.

Still a very solid game, would recommend to everyone.

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$10-12 is not expensive for a 4-5 hour game. It's actually what a game like this should cost. The Switch port being more expensive is obvious though. They're indie and porting to other consoles can take a lot of time.

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Yeah, the Steam price is pretty reasonable, but it needs Windows 10, which I don't have. For the Switch it's $20 and no regional pricing, so that's making me think twice.

I think I'll still get it at some point though. I like convo games, and I really dig the aesthetic.

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$20 for the Switch port is still very reasonable.

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Cyberpunk Crazy Taxi would be a fun game. You barely have to change the soundtrack.

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