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Any recommendations on Switch games?

| I've recently got myself a Nintendo Switch and really enjoy it so far with botw and Super Smash Bros (tbh botw is the best game I've ever played). However, opening an e-shop is kinda painful every time. Do you know any good titles, what I can play on Switch without ruining my budget? I would appreciate your help.

| I'm gonna hang around this thread because I'm also looking for Switch games.

I got Just Shapes & Beats a while back and it's really good game for the Switch, esp. if you have a friend to play it with.

Thinking of buying Bastion for the second time. And waiting for River City Girls to get a discount. I'm also waiting for Neo Cab to be released tomorrow.

Cadence of Hyrule is really good. The demo alone is good enough for me

| And speaking of demo, Octopath Traveler is a pricey game for what it is, but its Prologue demo is really worth a try.

| Ok. Some of my personal favourites include Disgaea 5, Shovel Knight, FFVII, Mario Kart, River City Girls, Super Mario Maker 2 and Bayonetta.

Also, Dragon Quest I, II and III are amazing games and all on Switch now. Same with Transistor and Bastion, and they are both on sale for like $3-4 right now, alongside basically every good non-Nintendo game on the Switch.

| Fire Emblem Three Houses is amazing. If you want a great rpg to sink your teeth into, get that. If you would like an older game with similarities to 3D Zelda games, Okami is a great choice and one of my wll time favorites.

| You should try Hollow Knight if you haven't played it on PC, it's an amazing game for its price

| >>599743
Holy shit, yeah. I don't know how I forgot Hollow Knight. It's absolutely incredible.

| It has VA-11 HALL-A. What else can you need?
Dust: An Elysian Tail is an absolute must, one of the best action platformer on the system. Forgotton Anne is also a beautiful little game. Kamiko is a cute little RPG with throwbacks to old Zeldas. The Steamworld series is great and usually decently priced.
If you are more looking for multi, Runbow, Nine Parchments, and Trine are solid choices.

| If you like story-heavy games, you should try Night in the Woods and Wandersong

| Gun gun pixies

| I'd gladly help, OP! I play a ton of digital games but if you have a genre in mind, let me know.

For now, here are my reccs.

-The Banner Saga trilogy
-Enter the Gungeon
-Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
-Hotline Miami Collection
-My Friend Pedro
-Katana Zero
-The Missing
-Stardew Valley

| I like the above but I already own most of them and don't know if I want to buy them twice

| Gun gun pixies
Senran kagura reflexions
Senran kagura peach ball
Kill la kill if

| >>599910
You will. Trust me. I've re-bought way too many games simply to play them on Switch.

| >>599929
Yeah. The Switch made me realise I don't even want a new game. I just want to play the same old game, but not having to sit in front of the PC to do it

| >>599939 that's the magic of the switch

| >>599939 >>599942
Yeah. It's fucking brilliant. It's easily the best console ever simply because of the versatility and the massive amount of incredible games.

| Oh, yeah, Downwell is on Switch btw, and it's so cheap you could probably buy it with gold points alone. Downwell is such a good game. It never gets old.

| Katana zero and senran kagura pinball if you have culture

| >>600111
I see you are a man of culture as well.

| Meritous on a separate, homebrewed console. Don't launch it in applet mode, or it will crash after about an hour and the save will be unrecoverable.

| Gun gun pixies

| >>599939 Agreed. My desktop is not relaxing to sit in front of, and my laptop is too underpowered for games I want to play.

Detaching the controllers to play in any weird, comfy positions also helps.

| >>600209 I can't play in portable mode with my bad eyes but this is super comfy... Until the battery dies because you can't charge it when using it's stand, thanks Nintendo

| >>600267
Uh, what? The Switch is constantly charging when it's docked.

| >>600296
I think she meant, when having the Swith standing on a table (without the dock), you can't charge it because the plug is underneath.

| >>600336 but if she can't play portable mode due to bad eyes I'd figure that tabletop mode woul also be a no-go

| >>600337 tabletop works because I can put it on a stand next to my bed, in handheld it's harder because I kind of have to hold it up to my face

| >>600340
Ah. I get you. I like tabletop mode too. There are a lot of goodz unofficial stands for the Switch though that support charging.

| Daemon X Machina

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