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N1-RV ANN-A demo gameplay

| https://www.gamereactor.eu/video/467483/N1RV+ANNA+Cyberpunk+Bartender+Action+TGS+Gameplay/

A bit of the demo, in english this time. Later will check if there is more.

| https://www.gamereactor.eu/video/467493/N1RV+ANNA+Cyberpunk+Bartender+Action+Fernando+Damas+Interview/

And an interview with Fernando. Would like to hear it, but I'm in the middle of Javascript class. Alas.

| Dats sick! Why does drinks have their real names though?

| Holy shit
I SO can't wait for this game, what the fuck is wrong with you, brain

| Back from the class. Internet a bit slow, dang it.

Fernando just said something really interesting. Apparently, you can go full impromptu with the drinks.

We also got more info in Sam backstory, but I'm not gonna spoil it for you ;3

>I help my former teacher with the first year kids, and was considering mentioning Sukeban as an example for some things. He has already told them about entertaiment as sources of inspiration, and he loves Cyberpunk. I know the VA-11 like my hand.

| >>598050

As for that, not sure. Maybe it's because this time it's a wealthy bar, or maybe it's not a BTC bar, or people in Tres Alicias drink other things, or maybe you can't make all drinks with cans of rat poison and roots.

| thank you so much for those links. They really improved the gameplay already, it definetly was the weakest point of VA-11 and there's a lot of potential for innovation there. (the drink system from red strings club was interesting; they presented you a list of questions, to get an interesting answer you could serve drinks to change people's mood)

>>e75892 Go for it g/u/rl>:3

| I got pinned? A story I will pass to my grandchildrens.

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EBX4JPnW4AA7nyg?format=jpg&name=medium

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EFZYzmKXsAAu1ZJ?format=jpg&name=small

Some drawings from Kiririn.

Sam uses pants or skirts depending of her mood.

>Anna be like "Why not both?"


| excited!

| I played this demo at PAX and it was great. It was already my #1 most anticipated upcoming game, and after playing the demo it became even more #1. They're really doing excellent work with it.

| when is the game coming out again ? I know the original reveal said 2020 but I feel like I saw Q1 2020 somewhere...
or is it just my hype making shit up ?

| Probably your hype, but, to be honest, I don't check their Twitter often, so maybe there is an old post.

Knowing how they work and where they work, I would say it's more likely to be the second half of 2020 than the first.

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EHWTroTXYAIWowh?format=png&name=900x900

| >"I really wish I could show more N1rv Ann-A stuff but most of the progress has been on things under the hood. That said, the goal is to make it easy to expand with post-release content and add localizations in a more timely manner."

Checking Kiririn's Twitter.

| The full game is going to be released sometime during 2020, right?

| >>605571 Probably. That's what the trailer says.


Kiririn (graphics) seems a little busy, and from what he said, seems like Merenge (the person who did the drawings for VA-11 Kids and their websites) is also working in the game.

| Amazing

| That new Protagonist in NirVana has HUGE TITS!!! :D

| why is this thread on the bottom huh bumpy bump

| dang i've never seen ironiclark doing video interview before i couldn't careless about the gameplay (i went into va11 halla blind anyway and i'm happy with it)

| We got unpinned? Oh no.

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