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| just wondering, it's pissing me off.

| I think that was the main idea in the original Doom games, you are on a maze to explore not just shoot everything. But they are usually old games and the level design can result in you wasting 1 hour around the map because those fucking stairs aren't coming up and you pressed the action button in literally all the walls and nothing.

Before people would enjoy being that losely, this is something why Dark Souls gained so much popularity (but it all comes from bad design)

| >>595567 i see. guess i shouldn't play those then

| As someone who really likes Dark Souls' gameplay and difficulty and aesthetic, but really really really hates getting lost, I didn't enjoy Dark Souls! Never played Doom or a Doom-like, but I guess I shouldn't try that either, huh?

| >>595624 i think you shouldn't play doom and doom-likes. if you hate being lost in dark souls, then you'll lose your shit in doom and doom-likes tbh ( just like me )

| They're really not that bad. The longest I've been lost in a game like that was for, like, 5 minutes in DOOM II. DOOM 2016 doesn't have that problem at all. Also, the potential of wasting 5 minutes on finding the right door once during a 5 hour play session is well worth it, because those games are just really fucking good. The fast paced combat in the DOOM games is incredible, and the level design would be excellent if they only highlighted some doors a little better.

| I always get lost in old Zelda games, those micromaps help nothing and I get stuck easily

| >>595624 This is why Dark Souls 3 is my favorite. It's linear but still has the level design I enjoy.

| How do you get lost in games with physical markers that make every section of the map unique

| >>595773 some games don't follow logical markers in a constant way during the game. Doom for example in one level you have a normal button hidden on a room while in another level the button can be hidden behind an activable wall that doesn't follow a logical placement. Maybe the player gets lost because they are expecting something different than what the game already teached them and there are no marks on it.

| DS 3 has this boss with lot of life but there is a sword than can be obtained in two ways that can kill the boss in 5 blows. I got it by the alternative and beated the boss like normally in two savefiles, never found the second one. At my third time I noticed where the second sword was, why was it literally behind the boss? Tried the special ability and omg how stupid did I feel. I got the key to end my suffer long ago and didn't knew because the game never told me.

| There is also this cavern in Dark Souls 1 right at the beginning that's way too hard for -10 hours gear. If you get to the bottom of the cavern after lot of pain (or rush) you'll find out you can't continue, there's a yellow wall that requires you to do something elsewhere. You can't teleport and you have to get back to surface climbing all that pain. There wasn't a clear mark that said I wouldn't be able to continue through that challenge

| Have you tried equip the red sopestone and kneel down in front of that yellow wall? Wait for a couple of seconds and a tornado will appear and take you to the other side of that yellow wall.

| >>595978 was an example of long ago but yeah the problem was that I went too early on there and I didn't have the requeriments, I didn't knew I would be limited in that way.

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