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So, River City Girls

| It looks really fucking good. Has anyone here played it? I'm considering buying it on the Switch. If I had more money I'd do it in a heart beat, but I'd like to know your thoughts on it before I make any impulsive purchases.

| I want it but I heard it does almost everything on a single button and the context detection messes up often

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I watched some gameplay of it, at it didn't look like that was the case at all. You have 4 buttons you regularly use. Light attack, heavy attack, guard/parry and support(don't know what it's actually called).

While sure, you can use only the light attack if you want, you can do a lot of cool things if you use everything. I saw some cool shit where they'd do light attack, support attack then light attacks and a heavy for example. It looks really good.

| I played and beat it. Game's alright, it has some weird stat system that I don't think makes much of a difference. The light attack button is also used to go to the next area and to pick up weapons/bodies, so I've had problems where I picked someone/thing up when I meant to attack. Some of the enemies are a bit annoying but you learn how to deal with them once you learn their pattern. You have an inventory in which you can carry healing items which makes bosses easier. 1/2

| The story is meh, I hated every character except for the main girls and the ost was alright. 2/2

| Do the girls get wet? ...from the river? I never played it before.

| Well, I bought it, and it's really fucking good. Sure, I haven't finished it or anything, but I'm having a blast so far.

Well, first off, having to learn enemy patterns isn't a bad thing. It's a completely normal way to make a fighting game, and it would be really fucking boring if all the enemies were the same.

Picking up bodies accidentally hasn't been a problem for me yet. It's pretty easy not to pick them up, even when standing next to them and using a light attack.

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It's not a story focused game, so that doesn't really matter. Personally I'm enjoying the characters in the game, but that's just personal preference.

It's a beat-em-up RPG where you play as either of two highschool girls fighting their way through River City to rescue their boyfriends. It's got an anime aesthetic and is made by WayForward, the developers of Shantae. I highly recommend you check it out.

| >>595088 You can jump in a river and lose some hp or you can stand in a fountain like thing and not take damage, so yes.
>>595097 The annoying part was when enemies would instantly attack you when they got up while you couldn't attack them yet.
>>595100 Yeah I know it's not a story focused game I was just saying the story was neither good nor bad, just there. I enjoyed the story despite how dumb it was.
Anyway I enjoyed the game quite a lot, I recommend it

| silly might be a better word to describe the story than dumb.
Also now that I've thought about it, I mostly forgot all the characters except for the few that I hated, so yeah everyone except for Godai, who I wish would go die

| Does it have local multiplayer and is the Switch version playable with a single joy con? This is pretty important for me.

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If you stand right next to knocked enemies that's kinda on you though...

Glad you enjoyed it though. It didn't sound like you liked it from the first reply.

Yes and yes.

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Hell yeah, into the wishlist it goes. Thanks

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