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I wish to make a Anime Third Person Shooter game... one day

| A dark shooter EPG inspired by Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Gothic, STALKER (yes) and PUBG where you shoot stuff with guns and can listen to music in-game using your character's headphones

Remember me, for one day I shall rise.
After all, game dev is nor that fast.


| >EPG
meant to say RPG

| >sword art online: fatal bullet but inspired by stalker
fucking hire me op

| I'd get behind this op

| Sounds like a good idea

| OP, You mean Saints Row IV with some costume mods.

| Get a blog, and don't let us down OP.

| op you better actually do this

| Do it.

| OP Here (was samefagging, sorry), I'm feeling very very motivated about this but my expectations are way too high, I'll have to follow a long road if I were to do this solo, I'm currently following some C++ courses from Udemy.

A blog would be nice but, first, I should plan ahead because I didn't even start the project yet, I still got things to learn. Thanks for the support though!

| btw, not to receive hate so im just saying that >>594490 is the only post i've samefagged, everything else on this thread is genunine, hope you can still forgive me about this.

| fuck me, you just hired yourself... that's quite impressive
( ´゚Д゚`)

| >>595030
It really is. I wish I could do that.

I mean, it sounds like a cool game OP, but I'm no newcomer to these kinds of ideas. Out of the countless board and video game ideas I have had, I've only made 30 minutes of one of the video games +10 minutes that I haven't released, and one simple but unique card game.

From the inspirations you are listing I assume you want it to be 3D, and well, you need a team. A pretty fucking decent team.

| A game like what you're talking about you might be able to finish after about 10 years of work if it's 2D and you're working solo, but only if you're very determined.

For something like this in 3D, you simply wouldn't be able to do it alone. All the models, level design, music, programming (made harder by the fact that it's 3D), possible voice acting etc.

You need a lot of talented people, and it would still take many years. You may feel motivated now, but wait a couple months.

| I wish you the best of luck though. If you are truly determined and manage to get a bunch of other determined people to join in on this extremely ambitious project, there is a chance. If you take that chance, I will be extremely impressed and your game will be remembered and enjoyed by many.

| There is an anime third-person shooter called, S4 League. Unsure if servers still exists today.

| >>595310 it's still a thing. But be careful calling S4 shooter, lot of people lose their shit whenever they hear it because it has lot of melee on it lol.

S4 needs to be revived, maybe a sequel or ports to consoles, I miss it.

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This thread is permanently archived