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A bit early but...

| Who do you think the 5th dlc could be for smash Bros. Let alone the rest of the dlc they said they'd be making? I legitimately can't think OF ANY OTHER CHARACTERS!?

| I can think of MANY, if we stick to fighting game characters it could range from mortal kombat dudes like Scorpion and Sub-zero to Japanese fighting protagonists like Sol Badguy and Ragna the Bloodedge, they may even surprise us and bring Jago, Battletoad or someone else that sowed up on Killer Instinct to the fray, expanding their partnership with MS

And like I said, that's only limiting the possibilities to other big fighting games which I doubt will be the case

| i'm still pulling for Doomguy since he basically invented the FPS genre and will have a new game coming around around the time they're likely to announce the next character.

I'd LIKE Shantae, i'd settle for someone like Sora or maybe Travis Touchdown (Travis is great, but fuck swordies)

My DREAM pick, ignoring Chibi-Robo since it's clearly all guests for this season pass, is Quote from Cave Story with a Curly Brace alt. It'll prob never happen but I can hope.

also HD curly model

| Considering how they're going all-out with the DLC I think the most likely characters, in my opinion are:
Ryu Hayabusa(from Ninja Gaiden)
Arthur(ghosts 'n goblins)
MC from double dragon

| My first choice would have been unironically Sans Undertale, but he's already here, whoops

| I want Miku for smash, she's getting a game on the switch in 2020 plz sakurai

| >>594427 >>594429
Yeah. Doomguy hopefully.

| Anyone can be in Smash nowadays. I vote for Woody from the snes game Toy Story

| >>594561 another Undertale Underater I see, but then it's Shovel Knight and eveyone loses their shit.
>>594514 Miku would only work if Waluigi ever works.
My wishes for either 5th or the newers are either Level-5 character or Bandai Namco character. Level-5 gave a lot of support to Nintendo and Bandai Namco helps making Smash (by Namco's side we have Pacman and Heihachi's easter egg) Tekken has already been a Mii costume. Either that or Soul Calibour.

| >>594572 Tales Of is also a Namco choice and if Fatal Fury is getting in I don't see why Tales Of wouldn't. Still I don't care about it, but lot of people do care about Tales Of.
Bandai's side is complicated as it is literally anime origin. And Goku is already in Smash.

| >>594429 it's true, there is an old-school trend but I doubt any Capcom character will come in this season, they wouldn't release Zero and Proto's Mii costumes with a character that has nothing in common if there is a Capcom character. Same goes with Goemon, who is from Konami.

| I'm just basing on the release of Joker, they released Sega-only related Mii costumes.

| >>594572 I know nothing about the Tales of games but I know Lloyd is a character that exists and he's what comes to mind when I hear Tales of, so if I'd be any takes of character I'd have to be him just causes he's a big icon right? Smash tends to pick the face of the franchise and to me an outsider that's Lloyd

| At this point I'm hoping every fighting game gets a rep

| >>594579
Pretty sure Lloyd was in Super Smash Flash 2 or something like that. Could work, don't want another swordsman though.

| >>594675 I wouldn't mind it as long as it is not a fantasy-knight based character, for example Raiden and Travis. Swords are awesome, but stoo the medieval style

| Fire Emblem's only popular for waifus anyway

just drop all pretense and make it a dating/matchup sim where every combination is possible

let me make Chrom bend Lucina over the bed


fuck i'm way too early...

| My completely off the charts hope is for Professor Layton. His games has been a Nintendo system powerhouse. And we know he can kick ass if he has to

| >>594572 they made sans a mii outfit anything is possible

| Speaking of Professor Earlyton, I mean Layton, I believe Phoenix Wright would have a better stay due to his Marvel vs Capcom appearances.
If you believe Professor Layton could be a character, then what would his moveset be?

| >>594729

| >>594756
Well we know he's good at swordfighting, making a machine gun out of slot machines and shooting with it, and picking puzzles out of thin air. Someone smarter than me can make something out of that.

Phoenix Wright is also one of my choices. I'd be extremely surprised/happy with either

| >>594739 anything that is a videogame original, no characters from other mediums that had a game.

Sakurai said this when he shot down the Goku fans

| >>594804 well that's disappointing

| >>594821 how? Shouldn't it be already be obvious? It's a videogame crossover videogame, not an anime-videogame crossover videogame. It is already hard for fan games that does this ilegally, imagine a brand, it is alreafy hard to crossover animes into games, Bandai Namco tried with Jump but with each game they throw all fan's whishes. We need at least 100 years to see something like you wish, and even if it happens many characters will be already forgotten.

| >>594850 you're taking about license issues which is sperate from it being not a video game originally

| And I'm not exactly sure how hard it would be since you just need approval from crypton, they've done crossovers before too so definitely not "in 100 years" as you say

| >>594995 to get Goku in, you need Bandai Namco's aproval, Toei's aproval and probably Shueshia. All these companies wouldn't let Goku join for free, it would cost what Ultimate already has costed and more. Either you add him for more than 20$ or you bankrupt. License issues are the first thing to come on an videogame with different series. You either make a game that cost hundred of €/$ per copy or you make it illegally at your own risk.

| Some said it, Goku wouldn't get profit from Smash, Smash would get peofit from having Goku, and Toei is no joke.
All this is a major reason why some series stopped appearing in Jump Force, the other reason is relevance.
It wouldn't take 100 years to make the game of course, it would take 100 years for companies to not be greedy and care first about the client. That's when they will start to make the game. 100 is a number, I really think it should be higger, maybe we are luckly.

| >>595012 I couldn't give less of a shit about Goku, and you'd only maybe one or two of those, when you enter a contract there's usually something that says they're selling the right to video game appearances or selling the exclusive right for that with the first one, you need only the original, if it's exclusive right to video game appearances you'd need both the original and the second party on the contract

| >>595050 they sell the right for making a game of the IP, not the undefinetly use of the IP wherever they want. No one is so stupid to sell their IP that way when money is on the way. Sure there might be some, but normally they are new or unpopular like Black Rock Shooter and there isn't much to waste.

| But do you think Funimation would let anyone make infinite games knowing videogames don't produce as much money as any other media? Some Japanese aren't as open-minded as westerns like Rooster Teeth yet (look at Capcom, they won't localize Ace Attorney anymore because Nintendo has the rights to the original localization) and that's why I say we need more time to see something of a big scale. BlazBlue Cross Tag was a first step, you could say it's a secondary IPs crossover.

| >>595084 Even being secondary IPs they couldn't get much IPs into it (maybe they knew from the start and that's why they were low on cuantity of IPs) To see primary IPs cross join is still impossible to think of. I wish I were wrong but I know I won't see a playable SAO character with a Mario cap in while. Maybe in anime form but I don't know exactly the line difference between parody/easter egg (Gintama sure did it this way xD) vs a truly crossover.

| It's not some complicated licensing issue, it's all just to draw a line and stop hungry fans from demanding too much, it's to set expectations and reduce risks.

If Goku, Woody, the Terminator or some other character from other mediums got in the fans would go rabid and demand infinitely more making it impossible to release a game that matches their expectations.

Gotta set them expectations clearly, otherwise the client gets mad and stops buying from you.

| I know 'cause I already lost a client once to the dangers of bad expectation management.

| I haven't checked this thread out in a small while, what the fuck happened

| >>595119 a dude said Woody from Toy Story could be the next character in smash since Sans got a Mii costume then it became a discussion about licensing issues

| >>595120 What no that's way before xD the discussion started from someone saying it was dissapointing to have only videogame characters in Smash and then we suppossedly tackled the possibilty of a crossover anime-videogame videogame.

| >>595113 I agree with this but going back to Smash this is already the case, the higher the number of characters the higher expectations. This is the sin of Super Smash Bros. "Why these characters when we already begged Sakurai to add 10 characters that now are Assists?"

| >>595148 got to agree that they let things get a little out of control.

And I think a lot of the Mii costumes were an attempt at damage control.

| >>595147 no I said it was disappointing to not have Miku in smash you just didn't read the rest of the conversation

| >>595083 so you're repeating what I said, I'll assume you didn't understand it...

Let's make an example, Miku is owned by crypton, now project diva is created and published by Sega, so we can assume that ether Sega owns the license to create videogames with the miku character (not likely) or they have a license that allows them to use her for a specific game or series, in this case unless it's exclusive crypton can sell that right again for a different use

| >>595119 basically this comment really>>594850

| Can this thread die please?

| >>595184 well sorry for not remembering every little message between 15 messages. Didn't help not mentioning Miku again xD I see more chances of Touhou getting in Smash than Miku. Vocaloid hasn't done much for the videogame industry, still it's a brand that could appear in an Animal Crossing game like Hello Kitty.

| I'd be fine with 2hu as well but it'd probably just be reimu since she's zuns favorite, so a bunch of people would be disappointed their favorite 2hu wasn't in

And sure I don't really expect Miku to make it in smash but there's sort of this meme where the community wants to put Miku everywhere, like that Olympics vote that Miku was winning, and I'm just excited for the game that's coming to switch in 2020

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