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Storyline or side quests

| What's first? Talking 'bout RPGs

| Side quests of course

| Whichever is more interesting.

| >>590842 why? I want to talk about it, to discuss a little. Gimme your opinion, your story
P.S. I doing side quests too

| >>590854 so, how you will know what better before you playing it

| >>590872
Probably because most quests have descriptions and/or locations and people you go to for that quest. If the description and/or locations and people for the main story seems the most interesting, I'm assuming they would choose that over side quests and vice versa.

Personally I like to do side quests before moving on in the main story, but it depends on the game. I want to do all the quests and some side quests in some games are skipped if you continue the mai story line.

| >>590875
>I want to do all the quests and some side quests in some games are skipped if you continue the mai story line.

Yep, and this upsetting a lot if you kinda of sidequest' perfectionist

| >>590872
What >>e67b59 said. It's usually pretty easy to tell the difference between, say, something that's connected to the characters' backstory, and a plain fetch quest.

If going through the main storyline will block me from doing the sidequest, I might do the sidequest first. But I'm not really a completionist, so if it feels like a chore, I'm just gonna ignore it.

| WAIT. Op are you asking us for which quests we like to *play* in a game, or are you a gamedev and asking which quest get *written* first?

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If the latter is the case, they're not the brightest.

| >>590886 the first
It's nothing but curosity, bcause I freakin' love RPGs %_%

| Sidequests that aren't just "deliver x", "gather n of x item" or "kill n of x monster"

| I'd do exploration and side-quests before completing the main story in most games. It's the reason I have yet to fight at hoover dam in Fallout NV

| Side quests can be really engaging and fun, for example: Hostest Club side quest on Yakuza 0 and cooking quests in Suikoden II. But, those are the outliers. Most of them are pretty boring, even worse, randomly generated like those ones from Skyrim. I'd take storyline any day.

| >>590943 Yakuza is a prime example of how to handle side quests, most were awesome and even the bad ones at least had an interesting enough backstory

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I find Skyrim's sidequest pretty ok. They're just excuses to wander about and dive into dungeons, but that's fine

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Yeah, I think they're decent.

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